New Look + Update

Hi, Friends!! How is it (almost) already the middle of August?! Shew. This year has FLOWN by. I’ve spent some time doing a little bit of a revamp over here. I’ve slowly made some changes over the last few months but I don’t even think they were noticeable since I don’t blog as often as I was. I think the clean and simple look has been achieved. It’s not perfect but I’m happy with the changes I’ve made.

I’ve said time and again how bad I’ve been about keeping up with this little space since having Lincoln but I haven’t done anything to change that. I’ll randomly draft up posts that I never hit publish on but (hopefully!!) that’s about to change. I miss sharing my favorite things with you, snippets of our lives and recipes (but really, who has time for THAT anymore?!). Hopefully I can get on solid ground and post 2-3 times a week regularly.

If you’re new around here, be sure to check out the “Behind the Blog” section to learn a little about me.

So a little update:

The last month has been crazy all around! We’ve been looking at homes, chatting with builders, looking for land.. oh, and working and raising two kids. So far, no luck on the home front. We almost listed our house but good houses are FLYING off the market these days and we were afraid ours would sell, we wouldn’t be able to find what we wanted and regret selling our home. We built our house so we love it, but we really need an additional area where we can hang out and have all the toys so they aren’t in our living room, like a den or loft area. Currently most of the toys occupy our 4th bedroom and there’s no place for us to hang out in there while the kids play (don’t think we haven’t considered moving into a smaller room so our master could be that area, because we have). We really want to build again but I’m EXTRA picky about the land and it’s proven to be more difficult than we could have imagined to find the perfect spot. Our last lot fell into our hands and we actually had the pick of several different ones in our neighborhood since our house was the first of the newer ones built. Hopefully something will come through soon! But until then, we’ll be working on updating our entry, which I can’t WAIT to share, and maybe some other small projects along the way.

Fall is upon us and I have done the worst possible job documenting our summer fun. The kids are at great ages where we can visit Dollywood, water parks, splash pads, zoos, etc. without having to stop and feed or nap often. I’ve tried to make sure we do something fun and maybe a little different every week. Whether it’s Joey bringing the kids to have lunch with me or going to the Dinosaur park, I want them to be out of the house and doing something that isn’t their every day routine. We went to the beach early in the summer but we still have another week to take off this fall so we’re in the midst of planning that as well (beach? cruise? Disney? I can’t decide!!). I saw someone say recently that a vacation isn’t a vacation with kids, it’s a trip. Truer words have never been spoken. Still looking forward to another “trip” with my guys.


I’ve been trying to organize and simplify my things (at home and at work) which has felt so good! I’ve said before that Joey is the one who does most of the cleaning at home but he’s not an organizer so when he’s cleaning, he’ll put things in random spots and forget about it. I like to be more organized and be able to see what I’m looking for when I open a drawer or door so I’m working on this.. slowly but surely. Our closet and toy purge has left us with way too much stuff laying around and I want to try to sell some of it before just giving it all away. Having less stuff (hanging in my closet, filling my drawers) has made me feel less stressed when I walk into my closet or open my dresser. I want to live a simpler life and these changes add up.

Speaking of a simpler life, I love social media as much as the next person but I decided to remove myself from Facebook and it’s been such a great decision. Quite frankly, I’m tired of all the negative things (people complaining about their kids REALLY gets me!) and the selling.. OH MY GOSH THE SELLING ON FACEBOOK IS OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!! That’s not to say I’ll stay off forever but I really just hate the direction FB has gone. Instagram is my jam and I’ve found so many people/businesses that really inspire me + I really enjoy being able to share over there (I don’t like to share so much on FB. Weird? Maybe.) but I’m trying to limit the time I spend mindlessly scrolling through. One thing that’s helped tremendously is unfollowing tons of accounts that I’ve racked up over the years. If I don’t care or find joy in the person/company I’m following, I unfollow. I thought of it this way, if I swipe over their stories or photos in my feed, then there’s no reason to follow. So simple yet something I’m sure many of us are guilty of.


IMG_6482 IMG_6491

That’s all for today. I’ll be back next week with Beckett Says and some favorite things of mine right now! Enjoy your weekend, friends!


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