Beckett Says

Beckett Says

I know I probably miss some of the funniest things he says when I’m around because I just don’t think to write them down but these are things that Joey or Mom have sent me  while I was at work. I copy the texts into a note on my phone and keep it running all the time. Most of the time I bust out laughing in my office when I get one of these messages.

Getting ready to go out with Joey while I was at work:
B: My robots are going to stay and clean the house.

I asked Joey to ask if the robots could bring me lunch:
B: No!! I promised mom they would clean!

Lincoln made a big mess in the playroom:
B: Great Lincoln. You’re a jerk just like dad!

He put his bike beside his car in the garage and said:
B: Alright fire people, these are our fire rescue vehicles! This is Fireman Beckett’s fire bike and Fireman Beckett’s fire car! Let’s go put out some fires and stay safe. But first, our helmet!

Joey asked if he was ready for lunch and he went and checked with his fire people in the station (garage):
B: We’re not quite ready for lunch.

He had the hiccups:
B: On no, my allergies are acting up. I need some medicine.

Mom told him that Tanner and Popi were going out running around
B: Ummmm, Popi does not run!

Just because I love him so much! ❤

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