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Beckett Says

I was doing so well about writing down some of the funny things Beckett says but then I fell off the wagon and I’m already regretting not keeping track. So, I’m thinking I may make Beckett Says a weekly(?) more routine thing! As I’ve said before, I never want to forget the way he makes us laugh. He’s extremely smart with his words and constantly has us looking at each other saying, “where the heck did he hear THAT word?!”

6:30 in the morning after promising him the night before that’d we’d go to Lowes the next day, he looks out the tiny bathroom window, first words out of his mouth:
B: The sun is almost up! Just a tiny more. That means we can go to Lowes now!

Riding his dump truck naked around the house:
Me: You really shouldn’t be riding that naked. That’s gross!
B: There’s nothing under my peanuts!

Many conversations happen about how I won’t let our dog inside:
B: Don’t worry Wrigley, my momma will let you in when you’re old.

Our bed is adjustable and he tries to use the excuse that his is not as a reason why he can’t sleep in his room:
B: My bed won’t work mom. *hops in bed with us and gets comfortable*

Turning on the fan in the living room:
B: I’m too hot! I need to turn the fan on to get the hot off. *turns fan on* The hot is coming off! There is some hot on my face too. I love to get cold.

He’s constantly pretending he’s a fireman putting out fires around the house:
B: Mom are you calling the fireman? *as he drags my old breast pump around pretending to use the tubing as a water hose*

Riding his car around the yard:
B: I’ll see YOU at the starting line! (thanks Mickey and the Roadster Racers)

He and Lincoln escape to the play room, which had just been cleaned:
B: No mess! No mess! No messssss! *to Lincoln as he touches any toy in the room* He then proceeds to exclaim to Lincoln, “You’re mean! You’re mean! You’re meannnnnnn!” (I asked why and he said because he was making messes)

Playing in the playroom:
B: Lincoln stop making messes because Mommy will make me clean it up and it isn’t fair. You should clean your own messes but you can’t because you’re a baby. So no messes Lincoln!


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