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Lincoln’s 1 Year Photos

Each year for the kid’s birthdays we hire a photographer to capture photos of them + and a couple of family shots so we have professional photos as they grow. This is one of my very favorite times, but if you’re like me, it’s also very stressful. Coordinating outfits, deciding on a “theme”, gathering props, picking the perfect location, taking a chance on the weather, making sure the kids aren’t tired, etc. It’s tough but it’s always so, so worth it.

For Lincoln’s session I knew, like for his party, that I wanted to incorporate an aviation theme so I had Joey make an airplane (the one we later used as a display for cupcakes at his party and that the kids ride around on in the house constantly). I also knew it was extremely important that we had some bathtub photos after he did his cake smash because Beckett’s are still some of my absolute favorite pictures of him (his were done in our home in the kid’s bathroom) so we brought a tub, water in a cooler, some bubble bath and a rubber ducky. I had a vision for our outfits to be simple and classic. I was able to accomplish everything I was going for in this session, which was a huge win.

Over the years I’ve had several pictures of my kids give me googly eyes but when Jenny sent me the gallery of Lincoln’s session the morning of his birthday, I cried. I loved them SO much that I actually sat on my couch with tears in my eyes as I scrolled through them. Something about his precious little face and grin is enough to make my heart burst just looking at him on the daily but seeing it captured in these photos, for some reason, just made me so emotional. Up until that point I hadn’t been the least bit emotional about him turning one.

Lincoln 1 Year Family17

He was a complete angel during the session and these photos could not have turned out any better! Our original location didn’t work out so we had to quickly make a change at the last second and I’m SO glad we did because the location we ended up at was far better, in my opinion.

Lincoln 1 Year45.jpg

Photo overload in 3..2..1

Please note the way he’s smearing the cake all over his face and check out those precious curls behind his left ear! #nevercuttinghishair

Love these before and after photos of the cake below.

And these.. these are my favorite!! ❤ ❤ ❤ HIS.FACE!!

**Photos by Jenny Lind Photography Not only is she extremely talented (and Super Woman raising 4 kids, being a full time teacher, AND doing photography) but we love that she’s super fast at getting the photos back to us. These were taken on Saturday evening and I had the full gallery on Tuesday morning. ❤ Thanks so much Jenny for these precious images of our sweet baby.

**Jenny also brought the cake, made by Petite Sweets, for our session. One less thing this Momma had to worry about!


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