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Lincoln’s 1st Birthday Party – Time Flies

Both of my kid’s first birthday parties coincided with their nursery themes. Lincoln’s is way more subtle than Beckett’s was, however so we didn’t have a lot to use from his room as far as decor goes. As the years have gone on, I’ve simplified my parties (Beckett’s first birthday party was amazing as far as decor, food, and theme goes) mostly because I just don’t have the time or energy to plan an awesome party like I used to. For Lincoln’s first, I knew I owed it to him to have a nice party. We had minimal decor, a nice set-up in our side yard with corn hole, our playset, and tons of seating.. until it started to RAIN right as the party started. UGHHHHH!!!!!!!! I should note that it was HOTTTTTT all day before the party and it was a beautiful evening. I just have the worst luck with parties and weather!


We’d worked so hard in the sweltering heat to get the yard set up and then it poured and everyone was huddled up under a tent, umbrellas, and on our covered front porch. I’m sure our neighbors got a real kick out of this, as I was adamant that we’d tough it out until the rain stopped before we had cupcakes and gifts outside. I hadn’t cleaned my house, the inside was NOT set up for a party, all of our chairs were soaked outside so everyone got their plates as I stood covering the BBQ with an umbrella and we dealt with it. I’m horrible. Horrible, I know. I honestly don’t know why no one left. I guess, despite the rain, they were enjoying themselves and they love Lincoln.

I eventually gave in and we prepared the kitchen for the cake smash and cupcakes. Just as I got it all set up inside, it STOPPED RAINING. I knew this would happen, which is why I didn’t move it all inside earlier. It was ridiculous. At least we have a funny story to tell Lincoln about his first birthday party.

Anyyyyyway… Lincoln had a good time. He ate WAYYYYY too much cake. We had to take it away from him because he just kept going at it. He loved his presents (my favorite moment was when he opened up a toy puppy dog and he got so excited and kept saying “bup” – pictured below) and is having to fight his brother for them constantly.



L’s smash cake is a 4″ from Petite Sweets

Naming the food to go along with the theme is arguably my favorite part of planning! I had so much fun coming up with some aviation themed names for our food.
Baggage Claim BBQ – BBQ from JAE’s Smoked Meat Shack (the peach BBQ sauce is <3) we made little BBQ sliders
Pilot’s Pasta Salad – Pasta salad
Cabin Coleslaw – Coleslaw
Passenger Peanuts – Packaged peanuts
In-flight snacks – Chips

At the Fueling Station:
Turbulence Tea – Sweet tea
Jet Fuel – Water

I found the cutest airplane embossed napkins on Etsy and had to have them.

We always like to have a picture from their first birthday session for guests to sign as a memento from the day. (B’s is still hanging in his room!)


We used the airplane that Joey made for pictures as the cupcake display. It was a favorite detail of mine. My mom made the little flags for the cupcakes. (Cupcakes from Unique Cake Shoppe, the BEST!)

I made the banner that says “Time flies” and attached it an airplane that my old accounting coworkers had made for me when I had Lincoln. I didn’t really have anywhere outside to display it so we just attached it to the back of the seating. I don’t think I’ve ever shared a picture of it so I’ll include it as well. I helped design it with the co-worker who made it on his CNC machine so it’s one-of-a-kind!

Time Flies
Terrible photo but it’s the best I could get with the brightness outside.
This is the actual plane with banner that hangs on the wall

Despite the weather, we made the best of it and Lincoln slept all night that night so I’ve considered giving him a cake every day so he’ll crash from the sugar high. Kidding.. sort of.

** My mom and stepdad are hero’s on party days. They always bring over their extra chairs and tables and help us set up. Mom also always helps with the food and clean up. We couldn’t do it without them!!


P.S. I can’t WAIT to share his 1st birthday photos later this week!


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