Baby #2 · Lincoln

Lincoln – 1 Year

It’s hard to believe that our precious baby boy is 1. He still seems like such a baby to us, so much smaller than B was at this age (unless our memories have completely failed us).

The day he was born was perfection. It will always be one of my most favorite days ever.  We had very few visitors, at our request (of course big brother had to be there!) and were able to enjoy the full day together since the scheduled c section was early in the morning. It was the sweetest day and I’ll never forget how special his birthday was or how happy I felt to have another sweet baby boy to love.

The first year went a little differently than B’s first year. We didn’t co-sleep after 1 month, we only made it to 10 months breastfeeding because of the 3rd pregnancy/miscarriage (which is still a major accomplishment but B went 15 months so of course I had guilt over that), we had a TIME trying to get him to sleep at night.

Weight: 21.4 lbs,
Length: 29.5″

chair 2
I just can’t handle his cute face. That SMILE!!

Here’s some highlights of the last month:

  • He stands on his own all the time without us assisting him up. He is able to bend down and pick things up and then stand back up without falling down.
  • I’m trying to get him to walk but when your hands aren’t on him it’s like his feet are stuck in concrete because he will NOT move them. He’ll fall flat on his face before he’ll take a step without you holding him. He’s not afraid of anything else so I don’t know why walking scares him. This is new for us, because Beckett was walking at 10.5 months!
  • He does, however, walk along things and back and forth between things. He just won’t let go and take a step without holding onto something.
  • He learned to say pup, “bup” when we were in MS. This babe has a serious love for dogs! Anytime we’re outside he’s looking for our pup and crawls as fast as he can to pet her.
  • He has the best laugh of all time.
  • He’s the fastest crawler ever. Everyone laughs at how fast he crawls when he’s on a mission.
  • Still only has 4 teeth
  • Wearing size 12 and some 18 month hand-me-downs from big bro
  • We’ve moved to size 5 diapers to prevent leakage at night
  • He lovessssssss french fries and bread
  • Being outside is a favorite
  • We went on our first family vacation. He went through 4 new states (GA, MS, AL, FL) along the way.
  • He’s not afraid to crawl all over our concrete sidewalk and patio. The scratches all over his knees and toes don’t bother him a bit.
  • He finallllllllllllly says “mama” ❤ I was certain he was going to learn every other word in the English language before he said it!
  • He loves to cuddle (still) and my favorite is when he’s tired and will just lay his head down on you.
  • He SQUEALS when he sees his daddy and he lights up when I walk through the door in the evenings. I hope he’s always that excited to see us.
  • He’s a monkey see, monkey do-er! If Beckett is doing it, you better believe Lincoln’s going to try it. Example: Beckett sits on the fireplace, Lincoln climbs up and sits on it. Beckett stands on the fireplace, Lincoln climbs up on it acting so innocently and BAM! he’s standing before we can even say no.



Sweet Lincoln,
I love the way your hair curls over your left ear. I love how you love for me to sing to you as I rock you before bed. I love the way you reach back for your fuzzy blanket as I lay you down in your crib. I love your giggle and the way you shake your head no when you know you shouldn’t be doing something. I love the way you dance to loud music and random sounds. I love the way you say “bup” instead of pup. I love the little fuzz on your face. I love your sweet, sweet smile. I love how HAPPY you are when you first wake up. I love how you pretend to sleep by squinting your eyes and squishing your face up. I love how you crinkle your nose and shake your head when offered a bite of food you aren’t ready for. I love how you cuddle up on my shoulder when you’re really tired. Basically, I love every thing about you. I hope you always know how much you are adored by me, your daddy and your big brother. We are so smitten with you. I’m forever grateful that God entrusted us with you. You are the sweetest addition to our family.. our missing “Linc”. ❤



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