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Beckett’s Dino-mite Party

A few weeks ago we celebrated our sweet B’s 3rd birthday with all of our family and friends. When we asked him what kind of party he wanted he’d tell us, “Mickey or dinosaurs”. He’s come to really love dinosaurs over the last few months and after doing some Pinteresting, I was able to get on board with the dinosaur idea (though I was really hoping for a construction theme.. maybe next year). I also asked him where he wanted to have his party and he requested it to be at home. I couldn’t argue with that because it was saving me hundreds of dollars to not rent out a space but it also meant 40ish people at my house!!!!!! Now, I love to throw a party and have people over but since I knew it was probably going to rain (hello, race weekend) I knew the chances of us being able to party outside were slim. And I was right. UGH!

The plus side of it being inside was that the decor looked super cute! I couldn’t have done what I did in our dining room anywhere outside and we didn’t have to worry about bugs in the cake.

On to the details..

I had a hard time choosing the color scheme. I sort of wanted just greens and browns but the bright colors really stood out to me so that’s ultimately what I went with. I made the invitation, which was SO fun to do.

B's Invite

I knew we weren’t going to do lots of food like we usually do because of what time we had the party (between lunch and dinner) so I splurged on some special dinosaur cookies and dinosaur egg cake pops made specially for the party. We had chips and dip and a fruit tray as well. (If you’re local, the cookies and cake pops were done by Southern Pearl Bake Shop)



I wanted the eggs to look like they were in a mossy area so I got some floral foam and moss and stuck the cake pops into the moss covered foam. I stuffed some foam and moss into a mason jar and added a couple more eggs there too.

The big 3 at the back of the table was going to be left plain but at the last minute we glued some moss in random spots and it turned out really cute as well.



I used these kraft paper food trays instead of traditional paper plates. I love using kraft paper anywhere I can and these were perfect since we were just having a small snack. I found some dinosaur napkins at the party store to tie in the theme.

I made the kids a cornhole set from poster board and window clings (so cheap, easy, and able to be tossed at the end of the party) and it kept them really entertained. It was the perfect size for them. I had borrowed big cornhole boards from work for the adults but since it was nasty out, we didn’t get to use them. The idea was a Tricera-toss game.

temporary (4)

I am a cupcake person. Give me cupcakes over cake any day, especially at a party. You don’t have to cut and serve cupcakes and there is no cleanup. It’s a total win in my book. Because I knew I didn’t want to just have cupcakes sitting around, I knew I’d have to be creative with what I wanted to do. We decided on a dinosaur shaped cupcake cake. The cupcakes make the design and when it’s time to eat them, you just pick it up like you would any other cupcake. Easy! (This was done by Petite Sweets) We threw some extra mini cupcakes from Sam’s around it just to have something extra.


I knew I wanted a really cute backdrop for the snack table so when I found the banners and streamers on Etsy I knew just how I’d carry my vision out. It was a HUGE headache to get those dang steamers to stay up but thankfully they made it through the party and I LOVE how it turned out. Our navy and white wall in the dining area really made the decor pop. It was perfect.



My mom also got tons of balloons and put up some streamers to decorate around the living room but I didn’t get any pictures in there other than this awkward shot of the gift table before it was covered in gifts. I’d intended to use the tree back there and our ferns for more decor but the ferns never made it in and I really didn’t have a place for them once it was all said and done.


B had a really good time with some of his cousins at the party!

temporary (2)

This was such a fun and simple little party to put together. We can’t get over the fact that our first baby is 3 years old!

Lincoln was asleep when the party started so he missed out on the family photo.

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