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Lincoln Asher – 11 Months

I just can’t say enough how sweet this baby is! However, he sure does give us a run for our money sometimes. He is into EVERYTHING these days. Our stacked stone fireplace = his favorite spot to mess around (inside the fireplace!) by getting the rocks out. You should see the grin on his face when he gets a rock and knows he’s not supposed to have it. He will hike his little leg up like he’s going to try to crawl on it and when we tell him no he will grin and start shaking his head no. He is rotten to the core. Sometimes I don’t think I can handle another one after him. He wears us OUT!! haha

Weight: 22lbs

  • He’s a professional crawler now. I love hearing his little hands smacking across the floor.
  • He loves to eat. He will eat and eat and eat with no end in sight. He’ll tear everything off the table in a restaurant in order to get to the bread. 😀 He loves rolls, biscuits, bananas, and Popsicles, in addition to his baby food and formula.
  • He’s not a fan of sippy cups.. unless it’s the random one Beckett left sitting on the floor with traces of chocolate milk in it.
  • He loves being outdoors
  • His dancing gets us cracking up every single time.
    • We have a Bluetooth speaker that we use often (a lot of 90’s-2000’s throwbacks and country gets played on it) but we think we found his favorite genre.. rock. He will dance like CRAZY to some rock music. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you probably saw it on my stories over the weekend.
  • He discovered the play kitchen in the playroom and he loves it. He really loves to open and close things so I think that may be why he likes it so much.
  • He is the greatest train track destroyer of all time. He has no regard for the hard work it takes to make a good track on the train table and will ruin it in an instant. lol
  • He’s become such a little snuggle bug. If he wakes during the night now and isn’t able to soothe himself back to sleep, I’ll go in and rock him back to sleep and I love those sweet cuddles I get with him. Sometimes I rock him before bed to get him settled and there just isn’t anything sweeter. I really missed out on that with B because he slept with us and never required the rocking chair.
  • His love for Mickey Mouse and the Hot Dong Song runs deep. If you start singing it, he’ll look straight at the TV and then gets confused when it’s not on. He’s started sleeping with a stuffed Mickey now.
  • He loves to grab faces.. and smack them.
  • You’ll rarely ever see him without scratches or bruises on his face. We can pick him up after a nap and discover a new mark on his face almost always.
  • He went with us to Paw Patrol Live for Beckett’s birthday and I think he may have enjoyed it more than even Beckett. He was into it.. reaching for the characters on stage, dancing and clapping to the music. I think it helped that we were so close to the stage because he didn’t have a lot of distractions in front of him.
  • We celebrated your first Easter this month
  • He loves to roar like a dinosaur. We’ve learned that other than Uncle T, a load roar is the best way to get him to smile for a picture. 🙂

Sweet Lincoln,
You’re spunky, fun, exhausting, and sweet all at the same time. I can’t believe we are really counting down the days until you turn one!


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