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Beckett – 3 Years

It doesn’t seem real that my first baby is 3 years old. THREE! I will never be able to explain what it means to me to get to be his Momma or what a special place he holds in my heart. He is the absolute light of my life and a guaranteed bright spot in all my days. Beckett it happy, energetic, funny and so loving. My heart is so full knowing that I get to raise him and mold him into a wonderful man. My hope is that he will always know how much he is loved and will always show love and kindness to others.

I wanted to go heavy on the photos by my phone won’t let me upload them so I’ll come back later and add in some photos of him since the last post 6 months ago.


40.6 lbs
41″ tall

  • He is the best big brother. Period. I prayed for so long that he’d transition well to becoming a big brother and would love the baby and still know how much he meant to us. Well, from the first moment he met Lincoln he’s been obsessed. We’ve never had any sort of jealousy issues with him and he’s always so helpful to us when it comes to Lincoln.
    • The other day I was doing some work at home and Lincoln was in his walker. I saw B walk over to him and pull him away from the plant he was messing with without skipping a beat. He keeps Lincoln out of trouble (I hope he always stays on his case because I think we’re going to have our hands full with L). 😉
  • He says things all the time that surprise us and make me think I’m talking to someone much older.
  • He loves his people. If I say, “I love you to the moon and back.” he’ll say, “I love you to the moon and back. I love ebrybody to moon and back.”
  • He is my bug killer! He will get rid of bugs in a flash for me. He’s also started picking them up with his bare hands (stink bugs, most often) and showing me. UGH!
  • He’s smart but stubborn. If we ask him what color something is he will almost always say the wrong thing but if he’s describing something to us, he usually says the right color.
  • When he tries to hold up 3 fingers he has to ask for help holding his pinky down otherwise we get all five. 😉
  • He loves watching his “toons” (cartoons) and always asks to watch “un” (one) with one finger up. Paw Patrol, Mickey and the Roadster Racers and Rusty Rivets are his favorites. Though he knows if he wants to get Momma in on watching toons, it’s usually My Friends Tigger and Pooh because that’s my favorite (and because the way he says “Dahhby” (Darby) is the cutest.
  • He always asks to watch “my dinosaur mobie” and eat “potcurn”.
  • He loooooooooves playing with his train table. He spends hours a day playing at it.
  • When we’re outside, he likes to drag all of his outdoor toys out into the yard. People probably think we’re running a daycare out of our home with the amount of toys we have. Ha!
  • He’s doing SO WELL using the potty and does so most of the time without telling anyone (he likes his privacy, or so he says). He pretty much made the decision on his own (Joey did encourage him one day to not wear diapers and he didn’t so it’s just kind of blossomed from there). I consider potty-trained as no diapers, no pull-ups, no regular accidents and he still currently gets a diaper at night so though he is potty trained during the day, I won’t be one of those mom’s who says her kid is potty trained before he 100% is out of diapers.
    • When we are out, he will tell us when he needs to go. The awesome thing about having boys is that they can go anywhere, easily. 😉 He won’t go #2 in public yet, which is fiiiiiine by me.
    • First thing in the morning he’ll take his diaper off and pee in the potty and then ask for underwear. He wants to wear undies at night but we aren’t ready for that just yet.
  • He says some things with a STRONG country twang. Things like, “I need heyyyyyyyyyyylp” and tires is “tars”. I don’t speak like that and Joey isn’t THAT bad about it so I don’t know where he’s picked that up from. HA!
  • He gives the BEST hugs. There is nothing in the world like your little kid wrapping his arms around your neck as tight as he can and telling you he loves you. Nothing.
  • We finally started trying to make him fall asleep in his bed. We haven’t been the best at following through but we’re working on it. We allow him time to watch his tablet in bed with us while we’re getting ready for bed and once the time limit is up and it cuts off, he knows it’s time to sleep. Most of the time he cuddles up to us and falls asleep within minutes before we even realize he’s done it. He says his bed is hard and he can’t sleep in it as his ploy to get us to let him sleep with us. We know that not to be true because he sleeps in it every night, he just doesn’t always fall asleep there. haha
  • I know people speak of the “terrible twos” but honestly, we didn’t really experience much of this. Now, he does whine and cry when he doesn’t get his way and we do send him to his room when it persists but I don’t think we’ve ever had a huge, ongoing issue with his attitude or behavior. Most of the time when he’s acting up it’s because he is tired, which doesn’t excuse yelling or crying but we deal with it as best we can by sending him to his room until he’s calmed down. I’ve heard the threes are worse so we’ll just pray he’s going to skip right on through without a problem. 😉
  • He’s a hard worker and a busy-bee. He loves to build things like Daddy and work on his computer like Mommy. He’s convinced he and Joey are building us a new house (maybe one day, if I’m lucky!) and loves to be right with Joey when he’s building something.
  • He looooooooves to cuddle at night and we love it. I think that’s why it’s been such a challenge for all of us to make him sleep in his bed. We sort of feel lost without him as we fall asleep (but we don’t miss his feet kicking us all night).

I cannot believe the change we’ve seen in him in the last year. The change from 1 to 2 was crazy (mostly physical changes) but the change from 2 to 3 has been incredible! Looking back at videos of him a year ago when he didn’t talk much in comparison to now when he never stops talking is just amazing. His imagination is outrageous in the best possible way. As I sat with him in the doctor’s office for his 3 year well visit, I just couldn’t grasp how I was sitting in front of my 3 year old having a real conversation. I don’t get to spend much one on one time with him with no distractions (no toys or cartoons) and I just wanted to soak in every ounce of what he was saying, how he looked (with his Wednesday dino undies on a Monday 😉 because he doesn’t care which day of the week it is) and just how sweet and innocent he is.

It’s so bittersweet to see your first baby growing up. Seeing bits of who we hope he’ll grow into as a man but missing those sweet, quiet moments just holding him while he slept will do a number on your heart. It’s also hard to know if you’re doing a good job. He’s at an age where you can’t treat him like a baby but you also can’t treat him like a big kid, which can be difficult to balance. He knows how to push our buttons and how to turn on the charm to get what he wants. He just makes me so happy and proud and I will never, ever take for granted that God made him specifically to be my son or that I was hand-picked to be his Mother. Sweet Beckett, you are loved more than you will ever know!!



123 (3)
He’s certainly lost his baby face since last year! But those baby blues.. ❤

** One year photos by Photography by Nikita; Two and three year photos by Jenny Lind Photography **


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