Baby #2 · Lincoln

Lincoln Asher – 10 months

This month has been another big one for us! Sweet Lincoln is still just as precious as ever and it’s crazy to think he’s been in our little family for 10 months.

  • He has 4 teeth now! The top front 2 finally popped through.
  • He finally started crawling! I totally forgot how stinking cute it is to see little babies crawl and hear their hands smacking on the floor. We didn’t think he was going to crawl (same with B) but he just took off one day and now he’s unstoppable.
  • He can stand on his own for short periods. He pulls up on literally EVERYTHING and will sometimes, without even realizing what he’s doing, let go and will be able to stand for a bit. Beckett was walking at 10.5 months and we think L will be soon too.
  • He is into EVERYTHING.. and he’s fast! We constantly have to be watching him or else he’s climbing the fireplace or trying to get up the stairs. The other day Joey asked B to keep Lincoln away from the fireplace while he was fixing their lunch and he went in to find B laying in front of the fireplace to block it with L climbing on him trying to get to it. HA!
  • He hates the grass on his legs! He will lift his legs knees off the ground and move around on his hands and toes. Now that I think of it, he often does this inside too so maybe he just hates crawling on his knees? lol
  • We had to lower the crib because he was pulling up and now when we lay him down before he’s ready, he will just stand up and talk or cry. Just as we were able to enjoy getting him to lay down easily, for the most part, he learned a new trick and now I’m spending time rocking him (which I don’t hate one bit) to sleep instead.
  • He went through a little spell for a week or 2 where he refused to eat baby food. I have no clue why but he would tighten his lips and turn his head and just flat out refuse to take a bite. One night at dinner I let him suck on a pickle when he started refusing his baby food and after a few sucks, he was back to eating the baby food with no problem. I thought it was a fluke but I started doing it every time he’d start refusing to eat and it worked every.single.time. So weird! ha
  • He ate almost an entire Bojangles plain biscuit on his own.
  • I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before but once we started baby food, we noticed that certain things were making his belly hurt really bad. When we started thinking about it, we realized all the meals he’d eaten that caused him to scream in pain contained corn. We’ve stopped buying any of the foods that have corn and haven’t had any issues.
  • He loves oatmeal.
  • He loves to clap his hands and grab mine and make mine clap. I can tell he’s so proud of himself when he makes my hands clap like I do his. 🙂
  • He loves the swing. We’ve been spending so much time outside lately and thankfully we have a nice big play set for B and a little one for L, which includes a baby swing.
  • He likes playing with baseballs. His favorite game involves playing with one in the swing, then dropping it on the ground and waiting for someone to pick it up and toss it back into his lap. He thinks this is SO FUNNY.
  • He went on his first overnight trip to Pigeon Forge to stay in a cabin with my family. He loved being in a new place and thanks to the Dock-a-tot, he slept with me and Joey without any issues. He doesn’t sleep in the Dock anymore (or with us, ever) but I was so worried about how he’d do not being in his own bed so I brought it and I’m really glad I did.
    • He was a total DREAM while we were in Dollywood. He rode in the stroller and didn’t fuss or cry once. He’s so so good!
  • He tries to walk using anything he can get his hands on.
  • His little squeals make me the happiest!

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