Baby #2 · Lincoln

Lincoln Asher – 9 Months

Today our little (not so little) Lincoln is 9 months old today! I’ve officially started thinking about planning his 1st birthday party but since Beckett’s birthday comes first, it will probably be a lot of last minute planning because I need to focus on one at a time in order to make them the most special for each of them. Anyways, I’m happy to report that Lincoln is still going strong and doing SO WELL sleeping in his crib. He’s pretty much down to one bottle at night because we’ve found that if he wakes up an additional time we can usually readjust him and his paci and he’ll go back to sleep. He has to have his little giraffe friend close by at night and I think it’s the sweetest little thing. We’re so happy he’s still sleeping well!


Weight: 20lbs 13oz


  • He’s in size 4 diapers
  • Working our way out of all the clothes that are smaller than 12 months. I’ve put him in some of B’s 12 month clothes, which were basically all summer clothes, and seeing those chunky legs in a little romper is basically my favorite.
  • He’s eating stage 3 baby food (it’s chunky) and mostly loving it. I’ve also been known to give him some bites of pineapple, bread, and potatoes.
    • Funny story, I had a breadstick that I was eating and decided to let him get a little taste of it. Well, he must have loved it because he took it out of my hand and had it smashed in his little fist and crammed in his mouth in no time.
  • He learned to clap and it’s the cutest everrrrrrrr!!!!! The first night he was doing it he was walking around in his walker and we’d look over and he’d just be smiling and clapping away. (3/7/17)
  • He can wave and will sometimes say hi or bye with it. I know I’ve said it a million times but I love watching his little hands work. He will stare at them like he’s wondering how in the world it’s doing what it’s doing. So sweet.
  • He learned to squeal and it’s SO funny. Until he does it when he’s mad because you took something from him or Beckett isn’t in his line of sight. Then it’s not SO funny.
  • Still obsessed with his brother. Beckett will ROARRRRRR randomly really loud and Lincoln will just giggle giggle giggle.
  • He loves to stand and is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to being able to pull up on his own. He’s done it a few times but he mostly tries on things that aren’t really sturdy enough for him to use (i.e. toys) so it doesn’t always work out in his favor.
  • He loves to chase Beckett around in his walker. They will go in circles around our kitchen/hallway/living room and they both love it.
  • He says Dada all the time. All the time. Nothing else. He looked at me one morning and, while waving, said hi dad. Now, I’m not sure he really meant for the whole thing to come across that way but it did and it was hilarious.
  • The smiles. How how his little smiles just slay me. He still only has 2 teeth so it’s a pretty gummy smile and really, there isn’t much better than a gummy baby smile.
  • I set up a little area for him in the playroom with his toys and he loves it. I think he mostly loves it because it gives him a bit of freedom while also being able to watch Beckett play with his train table.




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