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Lincoln Asher – 8 Months


Since I started the last update off with how bad of a month we’d had, I should say that this month has been a LOT better. We knew we had to do something because no one was sleeping so no one was happy. The exhaustion was taking a real toll on me and causing me to be sick. I couldn’t function and I’m not one to get sick often so something had to give. Everything you read will tell you that you need to have a baby on a schedule but this isn’t our first rodeo so whatever (or so we thought). Also, can you start a new routine/schedule with a 7 month old? No way it will work (again, we thought). We started on a Friday by bathing and putting Lincoln to bed awake around 7:30. He fell asleep on his own and woke up twice during the night to eat (around midnight and 3:30AM) and once he had his bottles, he went right back to sleep in his crib. That went well so we started Saturday morning off with baby food around 8 (he woke up around 7), I nursed him around 10:30 and around 11 we put him in his crib (awake) for a nap. He fell asleep on his own and slept for 2 hours! We gave him baby food for lunch after his nap, I nursed him again around 3:30 and he took another short nap after that. We continued this routine the next day and into the following week and it’s been working like a charm ever since. Of course when we are out during the day the naps and eating are a little off but the nighttime routine is what’s really proved to be working so we all stick to that. I can say with 100% certainty that we are all SO MUCH HAPPIER. He wakes up happy and ready to play and we wake up rested. It’s been so nice. If you’re feeling like I was last month, try switching up what you’re doing. It can only get better. You’ll find your sweet spot, both you and the baby.

I’ll also note here that we started him on formula this month because being pregnant did a number on my supply. I have a stash and I still pump but it’s not enough to keep him solely on breast milk (though I’m hoping once my hormones settle back down we’ll be able to take him off the formula). It’s actually been a lot less stressful for me too. I was beginning to get annoyed with nursing (probably more the tiredness than anything), which made be feel like a terrible mom, so this has helped relieve some of the pressure off of me and has allowed Joey to be able to help with bottles at night.

I loooove those chunky legs!! ❤

Now, on to other updates.

  • Lincoln is getting (most days) babyfood 3x a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in addition to breast milk and formula. He loves food!
  • He has an obsession with cups. If I have a cup in my hand he grabs it and I’ll hang on to it while he puts his mouth up to it like he’s trying to drink out of it like we do.
  • He’s so close to crawling but usually just gets really mad when he’s on his belly and can’t get anywhere.
  • He’s also trying extremely hard to pull up. When B was little we had a coffee table in the living room with a handle on it, which is where he learned to pull himself up and walk around. We don’t have anything like that anymore so Lincoln tries to pull up on toys, which isn’t a very sturdy thing to use. He really wants to be standing all the time now.
  • He zooms around in his walker and it cracks us up. He’s always on someone’s heels.
  • When I stand him up and try to walk with him, without fail, he moves backwards instead of frontwards.
  • We’re in the process of moving up to size 4 diapers
  • He still thinks his brother is the best thing in the world. They light each other up like no one else can.
  • He has TWO little bottom teeth now. The second one finally popped through about a week ago.
  • He has the sweetest little giggle. Oh my heart! I can jiggle his belly and he will let out the sweetest giggle I’ve ever heard.
  • When he’s really happy to see you he will wrap his arms around your neck when you pick him up. ❤
  • When we go in to get him after he wakes up, he get SO excited and kicks like a mad mad with the biggest grin on his face.
  • He still only says Dada.. all.the.time.
  • He does the little thing where he stick his tongue out and blows and it’s so funny and cute.
  • He has a Sophie the Giraffe plush toy that he sleeps with. When we lay him down we put it in his arms and he holds on to it. When he doesn’t want to fall right to sleep he will shake it around and we’ll hear it rattling on the monitor.
  • I forgot to note above that we use the sound machine on the heartbeat sound for every nap and at night. If for nothing else than to drown out the rest of us who are still stirring around after he’s in bed.
  • He has a little fake cough that he does occasionally and he thinks it’s so funny
  • He loves balls and anything that his brother is playing with
  • He loves to watch Beckett and when Beckett gives him attention (frequently) he gets really excited
  • We are trying to work on saying bye bye and waving. He will really study your hand when you wave and occasionally we’ve caught him waving excitedly and saying what sounds like byyyyyye
  • For the first month in a long time, the jumper is not a favorite. He will tolerate it for a much shorter period now, which I think is because he’d much rather be down on the floor playing or in his walker where he can move around at his leisure.
  • We’ve tried giving him pouches on different occasions but he’s not a fan. I don’t know if it’s because he can’t see the food and there’s no spoon involved or what but he isn’t having them so far. These were so great with B so I hope he comes around quickly.



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