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Beckett Says

Y’all. I wish each one of you could be present around Beckett to hear the crazy things that come out of his little mouth. He is the sweetest little guy and he keeps us laughing ALL THE TIME so I finally started writing down some of the silly things we hear so I can always remember how funny he was at this age. I wish I could remember more!

*Beckett sniffs and then says, “I smell something”
**Me – “What do you smell?”
**B- “I smell daddy. On the roof.”
**Me – “You smell him on the roof? What does he smell like?”
**B – “Poopy.” (Joey wasn’t home at the time and did not find this so funny.)

**B sniffing, “I smell something”
**My mom – “What do you smell?”
**B – “Peoples at Walmart.”

*Randomly – “I’ve got get out of here, it’s an emergency!”

*While riding around on a truck in the house, “I need to do my job, Mom.”

*Playing with his tools, “I’m building a biiiiig house.”
**Me – “Who are you building the house for?”
**B – “My house.”
**Me – “Is there room for Momma at your big house?”
**B – “On the couch downstairs.” Well, OK then, son. lol

*He called my mom Momma one day.
**Mom – “I’m not Momma.”
**B – “Tanner calls you Mom.”

*Picked up his Paw Patrol back pack and stood on the fireplace waiting on the school bus (pretending, of course. Also not sure where the sudden obsession with a bus came from)
**”Lincoln can’t come, he’s too little.”

*He will randomly say something is “booful” (beautiful). Sometimes he tells me I am booful, sometimes he says my hair is “not booful” when I take it out of the towel after a bath, and sometimes when he’s really happy about you giving him something he will say booful. I think this is the funniest thing ever because he gets it from his dad (like mostly everything else he’s ever said or done).

*We bought an air mattress for the sole purpose of using it in our living room for “camp outs”. We blew it up in the living room to sleep on one Friday night and then decided to blow it up to watch a movie Sunday night. This time, though, I wanted to build a fort so we told him to go sit on the steps and wait on his surprise. He came off the steps no less than 500 times while we attempted to put a blanket over the air mattress asking “is my surfrise ready?” When we finally gave the OK to come down, he freaked. He squealed, he called it a tunnel at first, and then kept randomly shouting, “best present EVERRRRR!!!!!!” I mean, if that isn’t a parenting win I don’t know what is.

*When I ask him about the new baby he says, “I don’t want my Lincoln to go!” Not sure why he thinks we’re trading Lincoln out for a new baby. lol

*If I ask what he wants to name the new baby his answer is Lincoln. When I say we can’t have two Lincoln’s he asks, “We have two Becketts?”. We’re working on this one.. haha!

*Randomly, at least once a day.
**B – “My peoples are coming.”
**Me – “What peoples?”
**B – “My peoples. Two peoples. Nene and Grumps and Tanner.”

*While watching the Super Bowl
**B – “Hmmm… something missing from this game…”
**Me – “What is it?”
**B – “It Tanner. Tanner missing. He not wearing a helmet.”

*Talking about painting his new room.
**B – “I needa paint with my boy Dad.”

**B – “My Nene and Grumps in the fire!”
**Me – “Oh no! How are they going to get out?”
**B – “With my pincher-grabbers.” (referring to his hands that we call pinchers when he’s wearing his crab jammies)

**B – “Dad, come in my playroom.”
**Joey goes in..
**B – “You see this mess? You need to clean it up by yourself while I watch toons.” Runs out of the room and shuts the door behind him. Wonder where he’s heard that before? HA!

*Anytime he’s cold he’ll say, “I super cold, guys.”

*He refuses to go #2 on the potty. Flat out won’t do it. We’ve offered him anything we could think of and he doesn’t care. The other day Joey asked him why he wouldn’t use the potty and he said, “because we have too many toilets.” Hmmm.. OK?

*I heard Lincoln waking up on the monitor and told B to look.
** B – “I can’t wait to see him!” Giggles while saying, “My Lincoln so funny!”


I’m looking forward to hopefully keeping better track of some of the funny things he says and does to share here. He is SO sweet and funny and life sure would be dull without him. He is such a bright spot in our days.


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