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Lincoln Asher – 7 Months

Let me just say, this last month has been a doozy, the toughest yet in all of our nearly 3 years of being parents. I love and adore my kids but parenting is tough. Kids are tough. Being a working mom is tough. And when you mix all that together, it’s just… well, tough. It’s OK to need a break from your kids (if you had told me that with my first I would have laughed in your face so all you 1-kid mommas who are shaking your head at me right now, just wait). It’s OK to pretend you are downstairs cleaning up while your husband wrangles the kids for bath time when you’re really eating a bowl of ice cream and watching The Bachelor. It’s OK. 🙂

Annnnyway, here’s a little update on Lincoln at 7 months:

  • This past month Lincoln has decided he doesn’t need sleep, and thus we don’t need sleep. We can put him down in his crib once he’s asleep but the moment I close my eyes (whether it be 10 minutes or 2 hours later) he starts crying and will cry until someone picks him up and he’s in bed with us. He literally just wants to be held ALL THE TIME.
    • We’ve tried several things and we just believe he’s one of those babies that doesn’t sleep. Even during the day he rarely takes long naps. It’s rough.
  • Lincoln had the flu this month, which was really sad. He’s a trooper and thankfully I was on vacation for the worst part of it. Even less sleep was had so, that was fun.
  • His first little tooth finally popped through on 1/12. We’ve been keeping an eye on it since he was 4 months old and it finally broke through his gum.
  • He’s filling out 9 month clothes nicely and I’ve started pulling out some 12 month stuff.
  • Holding strong in size 3 diapers.
  • We celebrated his first Christmas. Though he’s too young to “get it” he was really into ripping the paper off of gifts and loves playing with his new things.
  • He’s a lot more interactive now and can sit in the floor and play forever. He likes to watch what Beckett is doing and if he’s rolling a truck around, Lincoln likes to have one to play with too. Seeing these sweet brothers love for each other is THE.BEST!



Sweet Lincoln,
No matter how little sleep we get, how many pats on the face we get in the middle of the night, or how many times you try to sink your little teeth into my bare shoulder, know that we adore you! You are precious beyond words, your smile is too much to handle, and the way you say dadadada all the time and laugh at me when I try to get you to say momma is the best. You’re fun, active and just too stinking cute. We are so blessed to have you in our family.


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