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Lincoln Asher – 6 Months

*Apparently I forgot to post this. Oops! 

Oh my! My sweet, sweet baby is half a year old! You’d think by now that I’d be used to the time flying by but let me tell you, if you think time flies with one kid, it’s lightening fast with two. I can’t even imagine what it will be like once we have more kids. Shew! Here’s a little look into Lincoln at 6 months..

Weight: 19.4 pounds
Length: 26.5″

  • We celebrated his first Thanksgiving.


  • We kicked off the Christmas season by going to the Christmas tree lighting downtown (our first time!). He wasn’t a fan.
  • We had breakfast with Santa and he did so well! No tears.


  • We went to Speedway in Lights. The lights really caught his attention!
  • He had his first real sickness so we added a new breathing machine to the pack and had he had ’round the clock treatments for a couple of weeks. Poor guy.
  • He’s holding strong in the size 3 diapers right now
  • Clothing varies from size 6 months to 9 months. 9 months seems to still fit best right now.
  • He can sit up!! He’s a tad wobbly so I still keep something soft nearby if he’s on the floor but he’s got it!


  • His jumper (once again), or jumping in general, is his happy place. It’s like Disney for him.. The Happiest Place on Earth, until he’s over it and wants to be held. Que the tears.
  • He is not a great sleeper. I’ve tried the Dock-a-Tot (still love it but it’s not a miracle sleep thing like some people claim), the Magic Sleep Suit (also not magic for us), different swaddles, no swaddle, one arm out of swaddle, letting him fuss a little bit (no CIO – not going to let him just lay and scream when I can help it), etc. He likes to be cuddled, which would be OK except I don’t want him getting used to sleeping with us. It’s a constant struggle over if I just put him in bed with us to begin with or am up 100 times throughout the night. UGH! I just believe some babies are good sleepers and some aren’t, no matter what you try.
  • He loves to watch people’s hands and feet. I catch him all the time just staring at something and then I realize he’s watching someones toes moving around. haha
  • He tried baby food a couple of days before turning 6 months. I’m a pretty firm on the no food until 6 months but I knew 3 days wasn’t going to hurt. He lovessss it! By the 3rd night I would hold the spoon out and he’d lean in and get the bite from it or grab the spoon and push it in his mouth. I’m thinking we’ll do baby led weaning with him but I wanted to get the first little tastes out of the way to get him used to something other than breast milk. These little 1 oz Gerber packs are what I’ve started with and I think they are perfect, although I know he’s ready for more than this tiny taste now.



  • He has the sweetest giggle. I wish I could bottle it up and keep it forever!


  • When Beckett talks to him
  • Smiling
  • Splashing in the tub
  • Giving big sloppy kisses
  • Getting kisses all over
  • Tickles


  • Sleeping without being cuddled
  • Getting dressed
  • Being strapped in the carseat

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