Christmas Fun

I don’t know about you but we’ve been really enjoying this Christmas season! We have done so many fun things and I’m sad to think that in just a few short days this magical season will be over. If you’re looking for some fun things to do this week prior to Christmas to get yourself in the spirit, maybe some of the things we’ve been up to will inspire you.

  • We had our family Christmas photos taken with our sweet photographer. We did a mini session for the first time and it’s probably our last. I LOVE the pictures but my kids weren’t down with taking photos this time so the short time frame we had to work with wasn’t great.
B’s cheese face and L’s ‘over it’ face.
  • We went to the Christmas tree lighting in our town. We’ve never done this before and, despite Lincoln screaming while carols were being sung, I think we will make this a tradition.


  • We went to the Speedway in Lights at BMS. We’ve done the lights before but this year we decided we wanted to stop in the at the Christmas Village in the middle of the track. Beckett rode rides, we did a little Christmas shopping and enjoyed the smells of all the fried food!


  • We made candy! This was so fun! My mom, stepdad and brother came over and we made lots of goodies. Oreo balls, peanut butter balls, butterscotch corn flake candy, rice crispy treats, and Christmas crack.


  • We had breakfast with Santa. This is our third year doing this with our friends and while the food could be better, we love the relaxed atmosphere.


  • We had cookies with Santa at a local bakery. I sort of missed out on this one because I was at a work party but met Joey and the kids there afterwards.


  • Joey and I got all dressed up and attended my office Christmas party, which I helped plan. This was a fun few hours out without the kids.


  • We hosted our friends for a Christmas lunch. I usually host a party just for my girlfriends but after our fun Friendsgiving brunch with our hubbies, we decided that it would be fun to do the same for Christmas. We decided to forgo the traditional Christmas meal and instead had Mexican food and margaritas, which was such a fun idea. The food and margaritas were oh so good.
  • We got the boys matching PJs. I plan on making them wear matching Christmas pajamas for the rest of forever. 🙂
  • We bought the kids an annual Christmas ornament. We started this last year with B so we had to do a make up for his first year by getting him a Baby’s First Christmas ornament this year. Oops.
  • We missed the Christmas parade this year because it was SO cold and I’m still sad over it. Beckett loved it last year so I know he would have really enjoyed it this year. I just couldn’t justify taking Lincoln out in the cold for such a long time.
  • We sent out Christmas cards. We started using a design I fell in love with 4 years ago the year I had Beckett so we’ve continued to use the same card design for 3 years now. That makes it a tradition, right? (Side note, when I took screen shots of these just now, they all say 2016 but they were our cards in 2014, 2015 and 2016, respectively). 🙂


We’re so excited that Christmas is only 5 days away!! I can’t wait to make lots more sweet memories as a family of 4 this weekend. My last day of work for the year is tomorrow so I’m pumped and ready to turn off the alarm and enjoy my boys for a few days.


I can’t help but think back to about this time last year when, right after Christmas, we threw together the sweetest little gender reveal party in under 24 hours.





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