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My Baby Must Haves

I thought it would be nice to share a little update of my favorite baby items this time around. All my new and soon-to-be mommies take note and add these items to your Christmas list! I promise you won’t be disappointed. I still love the items that I discussed last year (read here) but I definitely have an updated list that I’m excited to share.

DockATot Deluxe Dock– I’ve received several questions lately about this item so it’s at the top of my list of things to share. I had been seeing these all over the internet and read tons of glowing reviews so I knew that when it came to trying to transition L from sleeping with us after the first month to his own bed, something that made him feel like he was being held was a must. We use it in his crib (and occasionally I’ll move it to our bed when Joey isn’t home in the early mornings) while he’s swaddled -with the Snuza on him- every night. I love that it can be easily be taken anywhere so he can sleep well no matter where we might be. It can be used for sleeping (obviously), tummy time, playtime, and just as an all around safe space for a baby to lay. We have two covers for it because I quickly realized that having one wasn’t going to work with a baby who spits up all the time. I was afraid of the price but I’d buy it a thousand times over because I love it so much!

The Docks come in two sizes, Deluxe and Grand. The Deluxe is good for ages 0-8 months and the Grand is for 9-36 months. Lincoln still fits great in the Deluxe with the bottom closed but when you think your little one is starting to outgrow it, you can open up the area where the feet are (there’s a clip) to allow them more room to stretch out. Because of this feature, babies don’t grow out of them as quickly as it may seem. The Grand is literally the size of a toddler bed so that’s a good reference point in case you were wondering which size to get.

Solly Swaddles – I’ve raved about the Solly Baby Wraps (I have three), bought them as gifts, and will continue to sing their praises but the Solly Swaddles are THE BEST. I only have two but I really wish I had more because they are so soft, so BIG, and the perfect blanket to actually swaddle with. They have just enough stretch to ensure a tight swaddle, unlike muslin swaddles (which I love for other reasons) and are comfy and cool just like the Solly Wrap. I love that they come in a two pack and you can choose any color/print combination you want. We used these from the moment he was born and used them 98% of the time to swaddle L for bed the first 4 months.

In case anyone wants to know how FAST babies grow, the photos below were taken 1 month apart.

Snuza Hero Mobile Baby Movement Monitor – Something I’ve never talked about on here before is the Snuza. We bought it right after bringing Beckett home from the hospital at the recommendation of friends and, though we used it often, I didn’t really see it as a necessity because B slept with us. With Lincoln, however, since he doesn’t sleep with us this is a MUST. My only issue is that sometimes pee will be on his onesie where the Snuza is clipped to his diaper. There are more advanced options, like the Owlet which I’ve heard really great things about, but this is a great alternative.

Milk Snob Cover – This is one of my most used items! It’s perfect as a car seat cover on infant seats, a nursing cover (I get SO MUCH use out of it), a blanket, and as he gets older I will use it as a cart cover and a highchair cover. I realized that I needed more than one of these as well so we have 2 and I could justify at least 1 or 2 more. They are really a multi-purpose item and I love them! Check out their website to see some of the uses and the always changing patterns. I have all the heart eyes for that navy plaid! ❤

As a runner up (only because we didn’t give it a fair shot) is the Halo – Swivel Sleeper Bassinet. We got it the day I got home from the hospital with L because it strongly appealed to me since I’d just had another c-section. It was nice, very nice, but he wasn’t ready to be put in it immediately and we knew he’d outgrow it quickly so we returned it. It had some awesome features, like an alarm to wake you up when it’s time to nurse, a nightlight, music, and vibrations. That paired with the full swivel motion was awesome. I wish we could have justified the purchase but it just didn’t make sense so we replaced it with the Dock A Tot.


If you have any questions on these items let me know and I’ll be happy to answer what I can. If you have anything I’ve listed (or things you love that I didn’t mention) I want to hear about it too.


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