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Beckett Cruz – 2.5 Years

I feel like since around the 6 month mark with Beckett we’ve said non-stop, “this is such a fun age” but age 2 just might be the best yet. Beckett is seriously SO fun right now. He makes us laugh, knows what buttons to push to make us mad, and overall is just the sweetest muffin there ever was. I thought it would be fun to start writing down some of the things he does and says so I can look back on them to remember this sweet time (and because I’m terrible at the whole baby book thing).

I started writing this right after he turned two in April. He’s now a little over 2 and a half so a lot of things have changed over 6 months but I still wanted to include what I had already written.

  • He’ll reach out to hold my hand in the car. Whether I’m sitting in the back of the van with him (because he insists “back, Momma”) or in the front of Joey’s car, he likes to hold hands.
  • When he hears the garage door open he always gets excited and says, “NeNe!” I’m not really sure why because my mom never comes in through our garage. haha
    • Now he says, “Daddy home!!”
  • He loves “big truck”s and tractors. If we pull out of our neighborhood and go the opposite way of where there are tractors just down the road (they are building a store) he’ll fuss.
  • He also loves “mawmower”s (lawnmowers) and trains
  • He will cup his hands around his mouth and yell (and sometimes whisper which is even more hilarious) things to you. The other day we were playing outside and he took off towards the front of the house and I was trying to get him back where I was and he would take a few steps, turn around and cup his hands around his mouth and whisper something at me (no clue what he was saying) and I couldn’t help but laugh. He did this over and over.
  • If he doesn’t want us to follow him he’ll turn around and stick his hand out and say, “Stop/stay, Momma!”
  • He tells Wrigley to hush, “Hush, Wribbey!”
  • He loves to sing songs and will try to sing along with me. Recently I asked him what he wanted to sing and then started naming off songs. When I got to ‘Jesus Loves Me’ he got a big grin and nodded his head and said his version of the title. As I was singing he would try to repeat every word. So cute! Also, when I ask him what the babies on the bus do (from ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ song) he’ll rub his eyes and say, “wah, wah, wah”.
  • He has the saddest of sad faces that I’ve only encountered once or twice (I can’t even remember why now) but it literally broke my heart. He take puppy dogs eyes to a-whole-nother level! Not a face I ever, ever want to see on my sweet boy.
  • When he runs he pumps his left arm front to back and barely moves his right arm. (Still does this and I LOVE it!)
  • He LOVES his brother! LOVE, LOVE, LOVES him!! I mean, I never would have imagined that he’d adore him so much. It melts my Momma heart.
  • The first words out of his mouth in the mornings 95% of the time are, “Lincoln awake?”
  • If Lincoln cries he makes sure he tells me, “Momma, Lincoln crying.”
  • He’s obsessed with mac and cheese and chocolate milk!
  • Anytime someone shows interest in talking to Lincoln he immediately gets in Lincoln’s face and repeats whatever that person has said to Lincoln.
  • When we walk down the stairs he usually stops about mid-way and says his toe hurts. This one gets me every time.
  • He loooooves to play and watch football. He loves going to the high school football games to watch my brother play and he really gets into it, yelling and all. When we watch football at home he’s usually yelling at the TV (typical guy, I suppose), “GET HIM” and a lot of the time it’s, “GET HIM TANNER”!  He loves to get touchdowns, which to him is taking the ball and the falling on he ground and laying there. haha
  • When I tell him I love him in bed at night he’ll say, “I love you Momma” or “I love Momma moon and back, love Daddy moon and back, love Lincoln moon and back, love Nene moon and back, love Grumps moon and back, love Tanner moon and back, love Popi moon and back, love Nannie moon and back.” It’s my favorite!
  • He counts, “two, six, seben, nine”
  • He talks ALL.THE.TIME. All the time. He surely gets that from his daddy!
  • I get told daily that he’s Joey’s twin. He looks and acts just like his daddy.
  • He’s so helpful with Lincoln. If he’s crying he will try to make him stop (usually works because B is one of L’s favorite people). He’ll go get diapers or toys for him if I ask.
  • He plays so well by himself.
  • He tries to tell knock-knock jokes.
  • He’s not in daycare anymore (as of July) and is loving it! He missed his friends for a while but now he doesn’t even remember their names when I show him pictures.
  • His favorite friend is Reagan and they had quite the summer playing together at the splash pad, visiting the zoo, and other fun things.
  • He visited the fair and rode rides for the fits time this summer
  • He’s still really into Paw Patrol and even dressed up as one of the pups for Halloween this year
  • He loves taking pictures on our phones and we love the random things we find (if you get a random snapchat from us, sorry!) 😉

Ok, I could go on FOREVER about this boy but I’ll stop. I just always want to remember what a funny and sweet 2 year old he was. ❤



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