Baby #2 · Lincoln

Lincoln Asher – 5 Months

This month has been so much fun (minus the sleep regression)! I know I say this all the time but he really is the sweetest and most easygoing baby.


  • He gets fussy if we’re not at home when he’s ready for bed. He adapts well to wherever we are though so we don’t have to plan around his bedtime. As long as someone is cuddling him, he’s just fine.
  • He wants whatever is in your hands. As I’m typing this on my phone he’s trying to get it out of my hand.
  • He learned to roll over


  • He’s pretty much waking every 3 hours to eat. Extra snuggles for Momma!
  • His jumper is his favorite toy. He will jump his little heart out and fall asleep in it. I always hate when this happens though because I know I have to get him out and he usually wakes up.
  • He can move the walker around and it’s super cute. I feel like he’s so tiny (he’s not!) and shouldn’t be able to do that yet.


  • We’re working on sitting up. I think we’ll be there in the next couple of weeks.
  • He does this new thing where he smacks his lips and then sucks on his bottom lip. He looks like s little old man and it’s soooo cute!
  • We thought for sure his two bottom teeth were going to break through this month but still nothing.
  • Almost anything makes him smile
  • He found his toes and LOVES to play with them. He hasn’t gotten them to his mouth yet but I’m sure that’s coming soon.
  • We still have people say they think he looks just like Beckett. Sometimes we see it but most of the time we don’t. He does look just like me when I was a baby though and Beckett did not.
  • He loves hands. His hands, your hands, it doesn’t matter. Hands always catch his attention and he wants to hold them.
  • The only places he’s content for a longer period of time are in his walker or jumper. He’s not a fan of chairs and I think it’s because he likes to be standing up.
  • He has a bit of a raspy voice and I adore it! It’s the cutest.
  • He still loves the bath but hates getting out and getting dressed. Worst part of his day. Haha
  • He’s in size 2 diapers still but we’re going to size up to 3 this week.
  • He can wear 6 month clothes but 9 month things seem to fit him a little better. He’s such a chunk!
  • He went to the polls on Election Day and was perfect while I voted.
  • We had our fall and Christmas family photos this month. He did great for the majority of both sessions. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!
  • He went to his first high school football playoff game and was perfect!



  • Kisses
  • Touching noses
  • Seeing himself in the mirror or phone
  • His toes
  • Grabbing people’s faces and pulling them close to him
  • Smiling and laughing


  • Sitting down
  • Being in the car seat when the car or stroller isn’t moving




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