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Lincoln Asher – Three Months

I’m a little late writing this post but better late than never! A few little things I want to remember about Lincoln at 3 months.

  • He’s a pretty great sleeper! I can lay him down after nursing him at night (awake or asleep) and as long as he’s swaddled he’ll go to sleep on his own. He usually wakes up only once and I just keep him in bed with me after that.
  • He still doesn’t like to be put down for long but I’ve been using the jumper for when I need to put him down and he seems to really like it.
  • We’ve still been using size 1 diapers until we run out. We’re using size 2 at night and will use them during the day once we’re out of size 1.
  • He is wearing 3 month clothes and some 3-6 month clothes fit him.
  • If he wakes before Beckett in the mornings and doesn’t see him, he looks around as if he’s looking for him. These brothers LOVE each other!
  • He loves to swing outside either on my lap or in the baby swing and on the little play set.
  • I’m starting to think that he may end up with green eyes. Right around his pupils look a little more green than blue. (Daddy has green eyes)
  • We’ve taken him to all of my brother’s football games, home and away, and he’s done so well each time!
  • He loves to stand.
  • He has started grabbing at toys and things that are within his reach.

He’s the sweetest little thing and I’ve loved having this extra time at home with him. 💙


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