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Lincoln’s Nursery

Now that Lincoln is 11 weeks old, I figured it’s time to share his nursery. I didn’t intend on waiting this long but it wasn’t finished up until about 3 weeks ago, and I use the term “finished” lightly because there are still a few things we’d like to do. His room is the best room in the house because it gets so much natural light all day and has the best views of the evening sunsets. I live for natural light so his room is a dream!

If you remember my pregnancy updates, you may recall that we had a difficult time with the direction we wanted to go with this nursery. After randomly finding a sample of the finish on the furniture in a dresser drawer at BuyBuy Baby and falling in love, we knew we had to have it. We ordered the convertible crib and dresser and expected to have some time to gather our thoughts on everything else before worrying about the furniture arriving. We tried a few paint samples on the walls and I spent a lot of time looking at them at different points during the day to see how they’d look with the natural light that flows into the room. When we got the (early) call that the crib was in, it was go-time and Joey sprang into action, picking the color he thought I’d be happiest with and went to town painting the room. It was perfect.

Nursery BEFORE
Here are the before pictures. This was after we’d moved all the toys into the other spare room but before we started painting. The tape on the floor is from us measuring out where the furniture would go.

The real trouble started when I couldn’t find what I wanted for bedding. I don’t like super themed bedding and much prefer a solid color or a simple pattern. I thought I’d finally found what I was looking for at Restoration Hardware but I ordered a ton of fabric samples and when I received them, I wasn’t sure I was ready to commit. I found something simple and cute (and within the color scheme) at Pottery Barn and ordered it. We loved it but were still bouncing back and forth between it and the RH bedding. We ultimately decided on keeping the bedding from PB and we’re happy with that decision.



We had a glider in Beckett’s nursery that never got used. It was one of those things that as a first time mom I HAD to have but it didn’t exactly match his furniture, it wasn’t the most comfortable place to rock a baby, and most of all we knew it wouldn’t work in the new nursery. We searched a ton for the perfect glider that would be comfy and still fit into the aesthetic of the room and finally found what we were looking for. It’s beautiful, comfy, and the perfect size for the space.

Wall decor is hard for me. I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I knew I wanted something above the crib. It’s typical to put a baby’s name or initials over the crib but since we weren’t sure for the longest time what we were naming him, we decided we’d go another route. Originally we were going to make a big statement piece and eventually put his name on it but then I fell in love with a sign and it went on sale so I ordered it (+ another sign for the room). When we finally got it (it didn’t arrive with the other sign like it was supposed to), we were less than pleased with the unfinished frame so Joey decided to paint it the color of the walls and it ended up turning out great. I told him not to worry about making it perfect because we like a more weathered look and I’m glad we went that route.


On the other wall, above the dresser/changing pad, we’d planned to put the other sign and some shelving up just so it wasn’t a bare wall. The wall was bare for months until we finally decided to print some of Lincoln’s newborn photos and frame them to hang. It was still sort of bare so when I came across an airplane picture frame, I put Joey to work building it for me and it just turned out so sweet!

Before I went on maternity leave my coworkers gifted me with something really special. A fellow coworker does really awesome wood work (think monograms, signs, growth charts, anything you can dream up) and he was going to make something for the nursery. Since we have a simple airplane theme, I knew I wanted something to tie in with that + the baby’s name. He created this biplane with Lincoln’s name on the banner and I could not be more excited about it! This was supposed to go above the changing pad but we have other plans for it now. So fun to know we have something completely custom that no one else has! 🙂

Choosing the curtains was really hard. I only have curtains in my living room (after trying what seems like 20 sets) and in Beckett’s room because I got them to match his bedding. I’d found a pair that I really liked the look of but wasn’t sure if they’d be the right fit. Eventually Joey pointed them out to me at the store (after I’d shown them to him several times, of course) so we decided to give them a try and when I saw them go up, I knew they were the right choice. I also really love the industrial look of the curtain rod we chose for this room. It fits right in with the grey furniture.

I’d seen this rug featured in so many nurseries and I just couldn’t shake that I needed it. It’s simple and classic and I knew that because of the size of the room, we needed a rug. The problem was that the rug, in the size we needed, was expensive. I looked on several websites weekly hoping to find a good deal on it and almost decided to just give up.  I’m SO glad I didn’t because thanks to an awesome sale on  I ended up paying a little over $50 for the rug. It was fate and I was SO happy that I waited and didn’t spend triple that for the exact same rug at a different store.

I know that’s a lot more detail that anyone probably cared to read but this space is for me to look back on and I’m sure I’ll be happy to have all those details to remind me what a labor of love it was to get this nursery in order.

Sources (I think we got pretty much everything on sale or with a coupon, which was really awesome!):

Paint – Honesty by Olympic (we had it mixed in a Valspar base)
Bedding – Pottery Barn Kids 
Crib & Dresser – BuyBuy Baby (Online it doesn’t look a thing like it does in person. It’s definitely grey but the site makes it look like a tan finish. So weird.)
Glider & Ottoman – Target 
Signs – Smallwoods (here & here)
Rug – Target
Curtains – Target 
Curtain Rod – Target



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