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Lincoln Asher – One Month

One month ago we welcomed Lincoln into our family and it’s been a joy getting to know him. Here are a few things I want to remember from this time:

  • He’s a great sleeper when he’s being held. My goal is to not become a nighttime pacifier for him so we’re working on that.
  • He will nap in the Rock n Play but absolutely will not sleep in it at night. He likes to be cuddled and the DockATot gives him that feeling so he’s sleeping in that in our bed for now. I’m hoping to start putting him in his crib very soon. 

  • He’s eating every 2.5-3 hours during the day but we’ve seen longer stretches at night.
  • He has the sweetest smiles as he drifts off to sleep.

  • He deals with Beckett’s endless, extra slobbery kisses.
  • He’s way more relaxed than his big brother. Beckett was more alert and active (holding his head up, kicking) and noisy. I call L lazy because he falls asleep eating 90% of the time and I have to nudge him to remind him to eat. 

  • He likes to fall asleep during tummy time instead of practice holding his head up.
  • The first couple of weeks he barely made any sound other then crying when he was hungry but around week 3 he started occassionaly “talking” and making sweet sounds. ❤

  • He hated baths at first but now that he can be submerged in the water he handles it better for a short time.
  • He hates getting his clothes changed and loves to wear only a diaper.

  • Sometimes he’s happiest just laying in his crib (probably because he’s safe from big bro).
  • Wears newborn diapers and clothes, though some of the newborn things are starting to be a bit snug. Most 0-3 month things I’ve tried are still a little baggy on him right now.

  • We celebrated his first 2 holidays (Father’s Day and Independence Day)
  • He (unlike his brother) likes the car and rarely cries when he’s in the car seat

  • He met lots of family and friends during the month
  • He loves the ceiling fan and looking out the windows 
  • He still has a head full of dark hair but it’s slowly falling out now

Now more than ever I wish I’d kept up with these milestones with Beckett so I could compare (thankful I did a bit of that on Instagram!). I’m looking forward to keeping track of everything on the blog this time around. 


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