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Life with Two – The First Month

I’ve been a mom of two for a month now. It’s still so crazy to me that I have two kids! I wanted to write out some of my thoughts on the first month of having two because I was nervous about how life would be when we brought Lincoln home. I had a post that I never published so I’m going to address what I was feeling before I had the baby.  

I was worried it would be difficult to shift our attention from one little one to two, but it’s been fairly easy (partially because B has still be in daycare most days and partially because we were able to divide and conquer when he was home). I was worried Beckett wouldn’t take well to having a baby around, but he’s been a total rockstar and has probably drowned Lincoln in more kisses than even I have. I was worried we wouldn’t get to bond like Beckett and I did, but we do. I was worried breastfeeding wouldn’t go as well as it did the first time, but we’re going strong (I forgot how tough those first couple of weeks are). I was worried I couldn’t love another baby the way I love Beckett, but my heart has stretched and now knows more love than I ever thought possible. 

We’ve definitely had our moments like when the baby decided to be wide awake in the middle of the night for hours or when he decided he only wanted to sleep beside us in bed. There were several times the first days where I would fall asleep sitting up while nursing him in the middle of the day. Oh and a crying baby and a toddler who says “Momma!” no less than 10,000 times during a single car ride is enough to make you lose your mind. 

I’m thankful that my husband was able to be off with us and we were all able to make the adjustment together without work or schedules. Such a blessing! I know the transition wouldn’t have been as simple without having him home. While we’re at it, let me just brag on him for a moment. He would wake up early and take B to daycare and come home to help me with Lincoln. Some days he’d take the kids downstairs and let me sleep in. He changes 99% of the nighttime diapers so I don’t have to get up. He’s just the best! 

It’s a big week for our family as Joey goes back to work today, Lincoln turns 1 month old tomorrow, and Beckett has his last week of daycare. I’m all sorts of emotional about all of these things happening! I’m certainly going to miss Joey’s help and company during the day and next week when I have both kids home alone I’m sure my parenting and sanity will be tested. 

It’s been an exciting month. We’re tired but we’re all alive, happy and full of so much love. My best advice is just to give yourself grace. 🙂


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