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Lincoln Asher – Birth Story

This isn’t really a full on birth story but I wanted to write these things out so I’d remember how I was feeling shortly after it all happened.

We had a scheduled c-section on Monday, June 13 (I was 39w4d). I thought I’d be super emotional to leave Beckett that morning and not want to go but I was ready. I woke up at 3 and couldn’t go back to sleep so I took a bath and took my time getting ready. We had done all of the pre-admission stuff the day before so when we got to the hospital at 5:30 they took me straight back to triage to get hooked up to the IV and went over how things would go down.

There was a lot of waiting around which was probably good for my nerves. We were scheduled for 7:30 but another lady was pushing just before they were to take me back and my doctor was the delivering doctor so we had to wait. Thankfully she was quick and they took me back around 7:40. They prepped me for the spinal and administered it and then Joey was able to join me in the OR while they finished prepping me. I got sick a couple of times before they began the surgery but after that it was smooth sailing. They began surgery and after a few minutes, at 8:08, our sweet Lincoln was born. They showed him to me over the curtain and I remember saying that he looked nothing like Beckett.

After they assessed Lincoln they gave him to us to hold and then Joey was able to take him to the nursery. At the last minute we decided to have my mom bring Beckett to the hospital so our photographer could get some pictures of Joey bringing the baby out of the OR and of  Beckett seeing him for the first time. Once I was stitched up and cleaned up, I was taken to recovery for 2 hours where I was able to nurse Lincoln and do skin to skin. My mom, brother and Beckett were each able to come back to the recovery room to see us. Beckett kept saying “no shoes” because he was apparently only concerned that the baby wasn’t wearing shoes. Haha!

We were finally able to get to my room around 11:30 and enjoyed some time just the 3 of us. Joey had made several calls to his parents and family members letting them know I’d had the baby (no one knew we were scheduled for that morning) and I text some of my friends and family. We had a visitor around lunchtime and then not again for several hours when my family came back so Beckett could visit with us in our room. We had several visitors that evening too which was fine because I felt great and was able to rest some during those hours when no one was around.

Tuesday our photographer came back to do some pictures once Lincoln and I were cleaned up (that first shower the morning after is just so wonderful!). My mom brought Beckett in so he could be a part of the photos and I’m so excited to see them because Beckett was ALL about his brother. 🙂  My best friend came to visit that evening and it was a sweet and simple day.

We were able to leave Wednesday around lunch. Our hospital stay was so wonderful that I actually considered staying an extra day but we were missing Beckett (and the hospital isn’t free!) so we went home. Overall the entire experience this time around was wonderful! I wasn’t sure what to expect since last time things went so fast that we didn’t even have time to process what was happening. This time it was really relaxed and just a sweet time.

I feel like my recovery has been a lot better this time around as well. I don’t remember it being terrible the first time (definitely not easy) but I do feel like it’s been easier this time which I’m so thankful for! I’ve been off of the pain meds since he was a week old. I feel great but I tire really easily so I’m not doing much besides snuggling my baby.


All photos by Photography by Nikita


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