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39 Weeks with Baby #2 – A Pregnancy Wrap-up

This is for sure my final update. 🙂 At 35 weeks I wasn’t sure I’d make it to this point but we’re here and I’m happy and we’re all just ready and waiting to meet (I almost typed his name here.. oops!) baby #2! 😉

How Far Along:  39 weeks!! I can’t believe it!

Weight Gain/Loss:  12-13 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, but probably closer to 15-17 based on the weight that I lost at the beginning when I had no appetite. I weigh 3 lbs more now than when I delivered Beckett.

Sleep:  Pretty good considering I’m 39 weeks!

Best Moment This Week: This week: our final doctor visit! This (past) month: Getting the nursery ready, washing all the baby things, installing the car seat, packing our bags… so many exciting things!

Movement: Big and painful movements. He’s for sure out of room!

Food Cravings/Aversions: I’ve eaten more chicken in the last few weeks than I have this entire pregnancy. Not really because I’ve craved it but more because that’s just what we had on hand for dinner.

Labor Signs:  None. Zip! I was sort of frustrated for a bit that I hadn’t had any signs of labor but on the flip side, I’d rather push through and be closer to my due date (which is why I’m not having him TODAY(!!!!) as the doctor’s told me I could do) to ensure he’s healthy as can be.

Milestones:  When I was checked at 36 weeks I was 3cm and because the anticipation was killing me, I was checked again at 37 with no change. I haven’t been checked since then because I’m having a c-section so it doesn’t change anything. Side note: I was dilated to 5 the week before I had Beckett and that didn’t change a thing! We scheduled induction for my due date with him because my doctor didn’t think I’d make it another week but I did. In other words, being dilated means NOTHING to me.

What I look forward to: Welcoming our newest baby boy into our family, sharing his name, and seeing Beckett with him!!!! Also, sharing his full nursery once we get the missing piece (more below).


  • My coworkers had a little celebration for me last week, which was so thoughtful! I can’t wait to share part of their gift to us when it’s finished and hung in the nursery (it has his name on it). This was for sure the missing piece we were looking for and couldn’t find. I’m thankful for the creative and talented people that I work with!
  • Today is my last day of work before he’s born! I’m going to miss the kind people that I work with everyday but I’m so looking forward to having the next several weeks off to focus on baby snuggles and learning about my new little guy. It doesn’t hurt that my maternity leave happens to be taking place during the summer! 🙂

Overall, this has been a super easy pregnancy. I’ve been blessed both times to have happy and healthy pregnancies so I’m forever thankful for that! I know that life is about to change majorly but we’re praying for an easy transition for everyone (mostly Beckett) in the coming days, weeks and months. We had such an easy time with Beckett but I know transitioning to two won’t be quite as easy as it was with just one. I look forward to sharing more about our sweet guy once he makes his arrival in the next few days!


35 weeks vs. 39 weeks

35 v 39


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