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Weekend Recap

Joey and I have said over and over how great our weekend was. It was honestly one of the best weekends we can recall in a long time and I think it’s because we didn’t have any major plans and just kind of went along with whatever came our way. Sadly (for me) I didn’t have my phone with me the entire time so I don’t have a ton of pictures (also probably another reason I enjoyed the weekend so much) so many of them included in this post are from my mom or Joey.

Friday our office closed early so I picked B up from daycare and we spent the evening (+ Joey) at my Mom’s house. Beckett finally let my step dad and brother take him for a ride (or 100) around the yard on the lawnmower and he thought is was the greatest thing ever.

Saturday we had a water play date with my friend Jordan’s family. Beckett and her little girl Reagan love each other and had such a fun time playing in the water and wresting/loving all over each other after dinner. Joey grilled some steak kabobs and they were yummy!

Sunday we didn’t have any plans to speak of. My mom called and asked if we wanted to take a picnic somewhere so we decided to all pack up and go to Watauga Lake for something a little different. We enjoyed lunch, skipping rocks, and watching the boats go by.

Joey’s cousin was camping in a park near our house and invited us to come by for dinner so we went and it was another really great time with family while B got to play with lots of kiddos. We ended the night with sno balls (thanks to driving by and seeing my family there on our way home). It was the perfect way to end the fun day.



Monday we let Beckett play in the water in our backyard again and just spent the day hanging out at home. While Beckett napped Joey and I enjoyed some rare time together sitting on the back patio chatting (mostly about our disbelief that we’ll have another baby in 2 weeks!). We got a little ancy being at home so we got in the car and B requested we go see NeNe (my mom) but they were headed to see my stepdad’s parents. We ended up going too and B got to ride the 4-wheelers with Tanner and Grumps, which was another highlight of his weekend, I’m sure. 🙂

We’re on the final countdown to Baby #2 so soaking up this sweet family time with our #1 was the best! We don’t usually have weekends off together, much less holidays, so it was a real treat to not have to schedule our weekend around Joey having to work. It was such a great way to kick-off summer and we’re looking forward to many more fun days and evenings to come!


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