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35 Weeks with Baby #2

This could possibly be my last update. If I make it to 39 weeks then I’ll probably do one then just for my sake but I know I won’t have a 40 week update because we’ll have already met him by then!
Sorry for the picture overload in this post. I haven’t shared all of my maternity photos and I love them so much! I’m glad we took a chance on the weather this day and went ahead with them. I didn’t want to be any further along (I was 33w3d) and risk the chance of either not getting them or me being puffy and not happy with the way I looked. Beckett was a DOLL and many of the pictures he’s in were the result of him getting jealous that Joey was holding my hand or kissing my head, so totally unplanned. haha I’m so glad we have them!
Photos by Jenny Lind Photography
Lewis Belly1
How Far Along? 35 weeks!
Lewis Belly3
Size of Baby: At my 32 week ultrasound they said he was about 4 lbs so I’m guessing he’s around 5.5 lbs now, and about 18 inches long.
Lewis Belly5
Weight Gain: The doctor I saw at my 32 week appointment said I’d gained right at 10 pounds. She’s the only one who has commented on my weight gain by saying that she wasn’t concerned about the baby’s weight since I hadn’t gained much myself. At my 34 week appointment I’d almost reached the weight I was when I had B so I’m thinking that in these next few weeks I’ll probably surpass that number.
Lewis Belly21
Maternity Clothes: One of my girlfriends is letting me borrow her maternity dresses and they’ve been such a lifesaver!
Lewis Belly7
Symptoms: Just feeling big and tired all the time. My tailbone is usually sore by the end of the day and sometimes I get so tired of sitting down but don’t feel like standing up. What do you do in that situation? ha!
Lewis Belly9
Cravings: Sometimes I crave pineapple (I’ve craved it all along but always forget when I go do to these posts) but nothing I’m craving all the time.
Lewis Belly11
Gender: BOY!
Lewis Belly23
Nursery: We haven’t really gotten anything done since the last time. I did order some fabric swatches from Restoration Hardware but we ultimately decided on some bedding from Pottery Barn. I’m not convinced we made the right choice with it but it’s really nice and super simple, which is was I like. We’re still waiting on the dresser (this has been a complete nightmare!) that was supposed to be here a month ago which has really held us up because we can’t place things on the walls until we have it in place. I ordered a couple of signs and only one was shipped to us so now I’m waiting on the other one (another fail) and the ottoman for our glider was out of stock when I went to order it so I checked 100x a day until it was finally back online and it SHOULD be arriving today. We found a rug a Pier 1 that we like but we aren’t sure that the size we could get (based on the price) would be large enough for the room (another reason having the dresser would he helpful). I’m just not for spending hundreds of dollars on a rug. We still need a new light fixture, curtains and some decorative accents to add so it’s not so bare.
Lewis Belly15
Movement: His movements are huge and all over the place. Sometimes quite painful. His favorite place to be is in my rib cage. He was breech at our last ultrasound, which isn’t a big deal since I’ll be having a c-section.
Lewis Belly17
Sleep: Can’t really complain. I just hope it keeps up for the next 4 weeks because I need all the rest I can get.
Lewis Maternity1
Anything making you queasy or sick:  I still have a weird aversion to meat a lot of the time, which makes it really hard to decide what to eat since I hate vegetables. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had cereal or crackers with cheese and pepperoni for lunch in the last month because nothing sounded good.
Lewis Maternity3
Best Moment This Week: Ordering the ottoman for my glider. Sounds silly but since we’d had so many issues with getting the things we wanted, it was a huge deal for this to be back in stock and ready to ship this week. Also, last week we got our maternity photos done and sent to us that week and I LOVE them. LOVE!
Lewis Maternity9
His little hand on my belly! #allthehearteyes
Looking Forward To: Hopefully getting the dresser in soon and putting some personal touches on the nursery. Enjoying these next few weeks with Beckett to the fullest! We’re excited to meet the new baby but I think we’re both really terrified at the same time. I’m trying to plan fun things to do with my friends who have toddlers over the next few weeks so I can get some girl time while Beckett gets to play with his friends.
Lewis Maternity11
  • We have a name (and things ordered with the name on it so there’s no going back now!) but thanks to a lot of opinions about the names we liked early on, we’re not sharing until he’s born. My brother had a lot to do with me finally deciding to just say yes to one we’d been wavering on so, thanks T! 🙂
  • We begin weekly appointments next week which is exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing how I progress, even though (unless something absolutely crazy happens) I’ll be having him via c-section.

Anddd the rest of the pictures. ❤

Lewis Maternity13

Lewis Maternity19

Lewis Maternity31

Lewis Maternity27

Lewis Maternity23

Lewis Maternity29

Lewis Maternity25
A favorite. The original 3.
Lewis Maternity21
This boy!! My #1 ❤

Lewis Maternity7


And for comparison, weeks 30 vs. 35

30 vs 35 weeks.jpg



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