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Beckett’s Pawty



I always give gift ideas so people don’t ask us a million times what to get him. Sometimes it helps, other times people totally ignore it.

On Saturday, which also happened to be his actual birthday, we had a party to celebrate our little guy turning two! Before I was a mom (and even up until about 2 weeks ago) I was insistent that I’d never have character birthday parties for my kids. HA! I laugh at my pre-mom self every day. Never say never. 😉 I totally could have gotten away with no character theme this year but it just fit the bill and I’m happy to report that I’m actually pleased with how it all turned out. Instead of it being all in-your-face Paw Patrol, I mixed some solid color table cloths and cups with the PP decor. Though I will admit that I originally planned to have solid color plates and napkins but at the last minute gave in and just bought all the Paw Patrol plates and napkins Target had. Bottom line, no one cared and Beckett had a great day so that’s really all that matters!

Our plan was to have the party off of our back patio but because of storms the night before, there was some standing water in our backyard so we decided to move it to our driveway (thankfully we live on a cul-de-sac!). We set up the food on our porch and lined tables and chairs down our driveway while the kids played all over the front and side yards. I didn’t realize how many kids there would be (and we were missing several who couldn’t make it) and it was so fun to see them all playing together. Beckett was non-stop the ENTIRE day. He loves being around other kids.

On to the details and pictures. I made all the signs for the food and the invites myself. I think the signs just add a little extra something to parties and I’ll probably always name food for birthday parties to honor the theme. Some of the food was in dog bowls that I got from the Dollar Tree, which was a cute idea I found on Pinterest. We had a cake made to go with the theme and mini cupcakes for the guests. I also had a shirt made for him with his name and favorite character and really loved how it turned out.

On Friday night we decided to taste one of the cupcakes for the party and practice blowing out his candle.


At one table we had hot dogs with all the toppings (ketchup, mustard, onions, and we had chili and cheese in the crockpots) and Pawsta Salad. I created the hot dog menu with each hot dog named after a character on the show.
** Side note: I made 60 wienies in the crockpot and it was SO much better than someone having to run the grill! I put them on high for 2 hours and they were ready come party time. Since we had the 3 crock pot thing, we put some of the ready wienies in the empty one and just refilled it from the large crockpot to save room on the table.

On the other table we had Pawtato chips and dip, Pupcorn, and Puppy Bones and (funfetti) dip.


And of course we had Pupcakes! I didn’t want anyone to eat these until we were ready so I left them inside until time to sing. No fancy display for these.


He was just ready to dig in!

I’ll spare everyone the present opening pictures because it was a little out of control. I wish I had snapped more pictures of the guests (oops!) but I was focused on Beckett and the party details. Here are a few more pictures from the day.


I can always count on these girls to be there for everything! ❤
He was NOT into taking pictures!


And we all felt like this by the end of the party..



It was such a great day spent with family and friends loving on Beckett. I still can’t believe he’s two!


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