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Beckett – 2 Years

I can’t believe we are here. Two years. My sweet baby, the one who made me a Momma, is two. My heart is aching as the days, months, years keep bustling on by. There are no words to describe the love and joy that Beckett has brought into my life over the last 24 months. He came into my life at just the right time. When I actually take the time to think back to 2014 and the months that followed his birth, we were faced with some really tough life blows (the unexpected death of my sweet Mimi (who was SO over the moon that her first grandchild (ME!) had her first great-grandchild) just over 3 months after his birth and Joey’s job loss 2 months later). It was an extremely rough time but he was my light each and every day.

I’m just so incredibly thankful that I was chosen to be his Momma. He’s the sweetest, smartest, funniest little guy I know and, as heart-wrenching as it is that he’s not a tiny baby anymore, it’s equally as wonderful seeing him grow and learn.

Here are a few things I want to remember about Beckett Cruz at age 2.

(I started writing this about a month before he turned two so there are some updates to some of the original things that I wrote because I want to remember them all.)
  • At his last doctor visit a couple of weeks ago he was weighing around 38 lbs. We go today for his well visit so I’ll update this post (for my sake) with the actual weight and height. He’s a big boy, though. Everyone comments on how solid and tall he his for his age.
  • One of my favorite things he does is grab my face and kiss me. Then he’ll motion for me to grab his face and kiss him. I guess all the times I’ve grabbed his face and kissed his sweet little lips in his 2 years has rubbed off on him. I don’t hate it. 🙂
  • He also discovered that pretending like he’s gnawing on my cheek cracks me up so he likes to sneak-attack me. It’s all fun and games until he actually bites my face. Again, probably my fault for biting his cute little cheeks for the last 2 years.
  • Seeing how much he’s learning is really encouraging to me. Sometimes I feel like he should be speaking more clearly and counting and such (that’s the comparison part of motherhood that sucks!) but then when he asks for a book and then starts naming all the random things on the back cover all on his own (choo choo, elephant, Mickey, kitty, etc.) I know that he’s learning and have nothing to be worried about.
  • He calls my brother “Tanwa” and it’s so cute! When he wants to get Tanner’s attention he will yell “TANWA” over and over until T looks at him (he’ll do this with anyone but just the way he says his name makes it extra good). Seriously so funny!
  • One morning we had this exchange:
    • Me – “Do you love Momma?”
    • B –  “Momma!”
    • Me – “Do you love Daddy?”
    • B – “Daddy!”
    • I went on naming Wrigley, Nene, Grumps, Tanner while he repeated the names until…
    • Me – “Do you love (baby brother’s name)?”
    • B – “Oh man!”
    • I could NOT stop laughing! He’s a character!
  • He’s still all about his friends at school and talks about them all the time, especially to any random person who asks him a question.
  • There is a girl named Lily in his class and when he talks about her he kind of just moves his tongue around in the front of his mouth and makes the L sound (not really sure how to explain it?). It’s one of the cutest things he does and he knows it makes us laugh a lot. We were laying in bed one night and he was naming off friends and said Lily (in his way) and we started cracking up and then he started laughing and just kept saying it randomly and laughing.
  • We had lunch with him at school one day and when his friend’s parent’s walked in the room he’d point to them and tell us the friend’s name. It’s so cute that he knows who their parent’s are.
  • We got out of the car one day and he wanted to get in his little electric car and ride it. I was going to check the mail and it was nice out so I didn’t mind. As I was walking towards the driveway I heard him him hit the pedal and he came flying out of the garage on the other side of the car and rode down the driveway right beside me giggling. I was cracking up so hard.
  • He will wave really big with both hands over his head when he’s really excited to see you. I love this!
  • If something really excites him, he drools like a dog. You’d think he didn’t have any teeth because he still drools so much.
  • It doesn’t matter if we brought a drink upstairs with us when we came up for the night, when he’s ready for bed, much to Joey’s dismay, he will always go to the gate at the stairs and say “wawa” (water) until Joey takes him down to get something to drink. It’s turned into a routine and he will NOT allow me to be the one to take him down to get a drink. (Update: he now says “bulk” instead of “wawa”.)
  • He calls milk “bottle” even though it has been months since he had a bottle. I think he just associates it with a bottle. Anything else is “wawa”.
  • Update to the above, he calls milk “bulk” (really accentuating the k) 98% of the time. We aren’t sure why he says bulk instead of milk because he can totally say milk.
  • If someone asks him where the baby is he will point at me and say “Momma”.
  • The way he says his brother’s name is SO cute! The face he makes when he says it is even better. (This was written when we had a name picked out. He says all of the possible names in THE cutest way.)
  • He will repeat anything you ask him to say.
  • When you sing, “If you’re happy and you know it..” he points his fingers to his cheeks, grins, and moves his head around in the cutest way. I saw them doing this at school and now it’s one of my favorite things to watch him do.
  • He LOVES the itsy bitsy spider!
  • He is a dancer and will copy any move his dad does or that he sees being done on a video. It’s THE funniest thing! Often we’ll look back at him in the car and he’ll be moving from side to side or nodding his head to the music. Other times he’ll say “Momma” or “Daddy” to get our attention so we’ll look back and see him dancing.
  • His new favorite things to look for are “tra-tor”s and “choo-choo”s. If he sees one he will literally yell (especially at trains) to make sure everyone knows. Then after it’s gone (or we pass it) he’ll yell “BYEEEE” and wave.
    • One morning there was a train outside of school (his school is right by the train station so they see and hear trains all the time) so when I got him out of the car I showed him and was So excited that he yelled “CHOO CHOO” and “BYEEEEE” (waving) all the way to his classroom. Every person he passed he’d yell choo-choo at them. It was probably one of the most excited I’ve ever seen him.
  • When I yell for Joey, he’ll yell for “Joey” too. I think it’s hilarious that he does it but Joey doesn’t think it’s so funny that Beckett knows who Joey is.
    • Joey tries to get him to call me Brittany but he always says Momma. 🙂
  • He’s still obsessed with Wrigley. He calls her “Wribby”, “Wribbley”, or “Wrigs” and always wants to see her when we get home. When we walk around to the back of the house, he always waves at her and says, “Hiiiii, Wribbley”!
  • He loves to snuggle at night. I’m convinced that’s why he’ll only sleep in his room all night once in a blue moon.
  • He loves to build with his Mega Blocks and loves even more when he and Daddy build a tall tower that he can knock down.
    • We often find him lining up or stacking blocks of the same color and/or size together. He doesn’t know his colors yet but at least he recognizes that there are differences.
  • He likes Paw Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines (occasionally), and Goldie and Bear. He also always insists on watching tractor videos on our phones.
  • He LOVES playing with other kids. His best friend and partner in crime (outside of school) is my friend’s little girl Reagan, who is about 5 months younger than him. When they get together, there is no stopping them.
  • On the weekends when he wakes up before us, he will wake us up with the biggest kisses! He’ll keep kissing you until you wake up so sometimes I pretend to be asleep just to keep getting his sweet little kisses. 🙂
  • When we ask him to show us that he’s 2, he will hold up both pointer fingers. I love this!
  • When he gets hurt on something, he always wants us to point and say NO! as if we’re scolding whatever it was that he tripped over/hit, even though it’s usually his fault.  If we don’t automatically do it, he will come grab our finger and point it and say NO NO!

There are probably a million more things I could write but these are some of my favorite things about him that I want to always remember from this stage. He’s so much fun (except when he’s throwing those 2 year old fits.. that’s no fun) and I love every bit of his little soul.

Beckett Cruz, if you someday read this I hope you realize just how loved and adored you are. You’re the best ever and I make sure you know that every single day!


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