Beckett · Birthday

Beckett’s 2 Year Photos

I have a couple of posts lined up over the next few days regarding Beckett’s 2nd birthday but I wanted to start by sharing pictures from his 2 year session. He had fallen asleep on the way so it took a while for him to get woken up and comfortable with what was going on and the smiles were hard to come by. It was also drizzling rain so we were trying to make it as quick as possible but I love how they turned out and I love comparing them to his 1 year photos to see how much he has grown and changed.

Photos by Jenny Lind Photography 

Beckett 2 Years8Beckett 2 Years1Beckett 2 Years4Beckett 2 Years5Beckett 2 Years10Beckett 2 Years11Beckett 2 Years14Beckett 2 Years15Beckett 2 Years18Beckett 2 Years19Beckett 2 Years22Beckett 2 Years23Beckett 2 Years26Beckett 2 Years27Beckett 2 Years30


And because I can’t help myself.. here are photos from his newborn session and his 1 year session. (Photos by Photography by Nikita)




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