Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts


I did something I said I’d never do as a parent. I let my toddler wear light up character shoes. I caved when he wasn’t feeling good one day and we came across a pair of Paw Patrol light up sandals. He needed some sandals for school so why not let them be Paw Patrol and light up?! I’m sure he’s the talk of his class today. haha


My best friend (HEYYY MC!! Hope you’re having the best time on your honeymoon!) got married last weekend and I designed the programs for the ceremony. I was so nervous to see them after they’d been professionally printed but they looked great! I’m really proud of myself and they were exactly what she was looking for. It made me really happy to be able to help in that small way.

MC's Program Edits (451)_Page_1
Here is a peek at the front cover


Beckett’s 2nd birthday is next Saturday and I need to step it up. I looked at pictures from his 1st birthday party hoping to inspire myself to get going but it discouraged me because I totally knocked it out of the park last year. Every little detail was so well thought out and I planned for a good 4 months. This year the most I’ve done is design and print invitations (I’ll share those when I share a post on his party), only to hand out two of them. I’ve sent them electronically to everyone else and I’m really bummed because they are super cute! Oh, and we bought some dog bowls (it’s a Paw Patrol themed party.. another thing I said I’d never do) for the food display. I guess I should also give myself credit for getting the cake taken care of ahead of time as well. Props to my husby for working to make sure the outside of our house looks good as well!

For fun, here is a small peek back at Beckett’s first party!


We built this boat prop for all the guests to have photos with.
monthly pics
His monthly photos made the sail
food table
The food was named along with the nautical theme



Joey is fortunate enough to get 4 weeks of paid parental leave when I have the baby (major props to companies who offer this!!)! Having him home for the first week after having Beckett was great, especially since I ended up having a c-section and relied heavily on him for making sure I got my meds and Beckett was fed every two hours (he wrote down every diaper change and nursing session for the first few weeks which was really helpful). I’m looking forward to the extra help as we transition to a family of four but I’m fairly certain that we may kill each other.



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