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30 Weeks with Baby #2

Time is really ticking these days! I can’t believe I’m at 30 weeks already. We still have so much to do (and so much time to soak up with our #1 guy) before this baby comes. Time to kick it into high gear!
How Far Along? 30 weeks!
Size of Baby: About 15.7 inches and almost 3 pounds (according to my app). We’ll see him in 2 weeks for the growth scan!
Weight Gain: I’ve definitely started packing on the pounds over the last few weeks. I think I’m up 7-10 pounds now!
Maternity Clothes: I’m now to the point where I hate all clothes. I just wish the weather would actually stay warm and spring-like so I could put the jeans away.
Stretch marks: Still in the clear!
Symptoms: Maybe a few Braxton Hicks contractions recently. I don’t recall ever having them with Beckett so I’m not really sure that’s what I’m experiencing.
Cravings: I got a major craving for Cherry Coke that just wouldn’t go away! So strange because I don’t usually like fruit flavored pop (unless it’s lemon in my Coke).
Gender: BOY!
Nursery: His crib came in a few weeks ago (OBSESSED!!) and we’re waiting on the dresser to arrive next (it should arrive next week). The nursery is painted and we purchased a new glider that we really love. I almost ordered a rug but his room is so much larger than Beckett’s that we’d have to have a HUGE rug to fill the space and rugs are not cheap! The only bedding I’ve found that I like is from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child so I think I’m going to bite the bullet on that one today. We don’t have a theme for the room and instead will just stick with our color scheme for the decor, which is making finding decor really difficult.
Movement: I can feel him all over all the time. Still seems to be really active around 4 and 9.
Sleep: Pretty good. Some mornings I wake up and feel refreshed and some mornings I feel like I haven’t slept at all, when in reality (minus 5 bathroom breaks) I have slept the entire night.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  The smell of chicken makes me super queasy. We had some in the crockpot the other day and I thought I was going to have to leave until the smell was gone.
Best Moment This Week: It’s always nice to hear the heartbeat!
Looking Forward To: Our next appointment in 2 weeks for our last ultrasound! I can’t wait to see his sweet face for the last time before I deliver. I’m really hoping to get a good shot that I can compare with Beckett’s final ultrasound picture. I’m also looking forward to my maternity pictures at the beginning of May.
  • A few weeks ago we “decided” on a name and were referring to him by it and even told a few people who are close to us. Last week Joey told me that he liked the name I’d been fighting for all along (that he resisted) and then it just confused the heck out of me! Back to square one.
  • At my glucose test (I passed!) they determined that I was a little bit anemic so I’ve been taking an Iron pill once a day for the last couple of weeks. They told me it should help increase my energy some too, which would be nice.
  • I feel this pregnancy way more than I remember feeling it with Beckett. I have aches and pains on the regular and I literally never regained an ounce of energy (I contribute this so having a toddler this time around too). I feel way bigger than I am most of the time. Not complaining because I LOVE being pregnant, it’s just different this time around. So darn tired!
  • I scheduled the rest of my appointments through 38 weeks (since I’ll most likely be scheduled for surgery around 39 weeks) yesterday. That was crazy.
  • We will most likely schedule a date for surgery at my next appointment in 2 weeks. I’m not prepared for that AT ALL and we’re both sort of freaking out.
  • To add to the above, we found out that my doctor is on vacation the week that I turn 39 weeks. We could wait until the following week when I’m a little closer to 40 weeks (which would be my preference) BUT the only day he’s in the OR that week is on Joey’s mom’s birthday and we don’t want to schedule the birth on someone else’s birthday. Obviously if I go into labor on my own and it happens to be on one of the 3 birthdays at the beginning-middle of June we’re trying to avoid, we can’t do anything about it but we’re not going to purposely schedule it on one of those days. I’m not opposed to a couple of the other doctors doing my surgery so we’ll discuss it with them next time and see where we end up.
  • We sorted through all of Beckett’s old clothes and have them ready to move to the nursery once the dresser arrives. I can’t wait to fill the drawers with little tiny clothes!
  • We aren’t exactly sure what our plan is with Beckett for when I’m in the hospital and it’s making me anxious. I don’t want him staying overnight at someone else’s house so we thought Joey would just go home with him at night but I also know I’ll need Joey’s help at night since I’ll be recovering from the c-section. We no longer have a guest bed so it wouldn’t be easy for us to have someone else stay at our house with him during that time.
  • We’ll probably only tell a certain few people (that we have to tell in order to have help with Beckett) when we schedule my surgery. Much like when I was induced with Beckett, we don’t want people hanging around the hospital all day and much prefer the time together as a family without constant visitors. I may go further into this on a future post because I have so many strong feelings about this topic.

Random funny (this is also included in Beckett’s 2 year post I’ve started drafting up but is too good not to share here). In the mornings when I have to wake B up, I talk to him and ask him questions to get him awake and moving as I get him dressed. This one particular conversation went like this:

Me – Do you love Momma?
B – Momma!
Me – Do you love Daddy?
B – Daddy!
Me – Do you love Wrigley?
B – Wribbley!
Me – Do you love NeNe?
B – NeNe!
Me – Do you love Grumps?
B – Grumps!
Me – Do you love Tanner?
B – Tanwa!
Me – Do you love _______ (baby brother’s name at a time when he had a name)?
B – OH MAN!!

I could NOT stop laughing!! He’s the funniest little guy!

Week 25 vs. Week 30

25w v 30w


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