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Easter 2016

I hope everyone had a great Easter! I had a three day weekend which kicked off Friday with just me and Beckett hanging out at home, enjoying some sweet time together while Joey was working. This Easter was different than what I can remember from past years and Joey and I spent a lot of time talking about how/why things have changed over the last few years. Usually our holiday weekends are packed and we’re splitting time with different sides of the family but this weekend we only had one dinner and no real plans to speak of. It was nice. Different but so nice.

I’ll probably just do a big photo dump instead of going into detail because there really isn’t much to detail about our weekend. But first, we had to color eggs during the week leading up to Easter. That was fun. And totally nerve wrecking. But nonetheless, it was a memory made and a tradition that I’m going to need to remind myself in the coming years is worth keeping up with the little ones. Doing things that involve breakables and dyes is not an ideal activity with a toddler but he enjoyed it so much. Really, all he wanted to do was put all the eggs in the yellow dye (even ones that were already colored) and stir the water/dye around in the bowls.

Friday Beckett and I had breakfast in bed and then he decided to dump the bin of all the little random toys in my room.


Saturday we Joey did some yard work and we got some flowers to bring some color out front until the good flowers start being put out ($3 baskets of pansies and $5 roses just can’t be passed up!). Once I can get my hands on some pretty pink flowers for my hanging baskets and planters, those purple pansies will be sent to the back of the house to hang off the pergola. #pinkbloomsforlife


Easter morning started out with B checking out his basket, lunch downtown, then some family picture time before dinner and an egg hunt. Beckett was CRAZYTOWN when he woke up from his nap. Like, my stepdad’s parents have a huge yard and you would have thought that Beckett had never been outside before. He was just loving running all over the place and jabbering randomness. We sure get our fair share of laughs from that boy!



Joey and B
Cute boys
B and T
This candid shot of Beckett and my brother, Tanner, is the best and I couldn’t not include it! B ADORES his “Tanwa”!

He had fun finding eggs until he realized there was so much more he could be doing. He found 6 and was off on his next adventure.


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