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Easter Basket Ideas

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time thinking of what to put into your child’s Easter basket. I don’t like to buy junk for the sake of filling a basket and he’s too young for candy-filled eggs so I try to put thought into practical items that will get used and/or played with for more than .2 seconds.

I always love seeing what other people are getting and find it so helpful when I’m all out of ideas so hopefully this will help you if you’re not sure what to buy. Here’s a little peek of what Beckett will be getting in his Easter Basket this year. I’ve linked everything below the image.


Cute basketSidewalk ChalkPajamasBubblesPeepsMiracle CupBookInsulated Straw Cups

I didn’t really have a theme as I was putting together the basket, rather I just chose items that I knew he’d enjoy. I had my heart set on a Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit book but he found the Trucks book and I couldn’t say no. I probably should have rethought the long sleeved pajamas since it’s starting to warm up but I bought them in a size larger than what he’s currently in so I’m not too worried that they won’t get a lot of wear. We already have a Miracle Cup and I love it and have been wanting to get him a new one for a long time. I don’t think you can have too many kid-friendly cups (which is why he’s getting 4 new cups in his basket. HA! One isn’t pictured but came from the dollar section at Target (similar)). We love playing with chalk on the driveway and he has a bath time bubble machine that he adores so I knew both of these items would be so much fun outside on the nice days ahead.


If you have a younger one, here are some ideas from our basket last year. (Beckett was just under 1 on Easter last year)

  1. Monogrammed Jellycat Bunny
  2. Football
  3. Bunny Sippy Cup
  4. Toddler Utensils 
  5. Bath Toys
Because I can’t resist a flashback of my favorite little guy, here he is enjoying his Easter basket in 2015.

I hope you have a great Easter weekend!!



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