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A Crafty Bachelorette

This past Saturday we celebrated one of my best friends at her Bachelorette party. When Megan (MC) got engaged last year and asked me to be her Matron of Honor, I was SO excited to get to plan a fun outing for her and the rest of us girls. She and I had discussed what type of get together she’d want and we both agreed that some sort of craft day at one of our local art studios would be the best and most fun option.

After checking with several studios, I finally decided to go with Paper Moon Studio in Abingdon, VA. We knew we wanted to do something that everyone would be able to enjoy and would want to hang in their homes. I emailed back and forth with the owner and was able to decide on a really cool string art project that was a spin off of MC’s original idea of a painting of a tree with the initials of her and her soon-to-be hubby. I was so excited about this project and knew Megan would love it too.



I have to say that the most fun part of the planning for me was designing the invites. I made them completely from scratch with the help of some really pretty watercolor flowers I was able to download from the internet. I printed them on card stock and mailed them out in craft paper envelopes for a little extra special touch. (The lingerie images had her sizes on them so the girls would know what to buy but I removed that and my phone number for obvious reasons.) 🙂

MC Invite

The other bridesmaids were so great in helping me with bringing food and drinks in for the party. We had chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, chips & dip, frosted sugar cookies, and pink almond cupcakes along with sweet tea, lemonade, and wine. It was the perfect spread for our little group. The food was set up outside of the room we were working in and the drinks were on the counter inside our room (I had some really cute straws that had a paper diamond attached to them but I guess since I didn’t get any pictures of the drink area, those were missed).


Below are some pictures of us working on the project. The instructor gave us some options for what we could do other than the tree and though some of us considered something different, we all ended up doing the tree and putting our own little spin on it in the end. The first step was to trace a boarder around the edges of the board (the boards were already cut and stained for us prior to the class) using a yard stick. The next step was to trace the tree stencil in the middle of the boarder.


After the tracing was done, it was time to hammer the nails around the boarder and the outline of the tree (about an inch apart all the way around). We hammered them until they didn’t wiggle, which is important to ensure the next step goes smoothly.


When all the nails were in, it looked like this:

Nailed outline


Once all the nails were in place, it was time for the fun part, stringing it all together! We used embroidery thread and started by tying the end around one of the nails in a knot to secure it. Then we went along the boarder of the frame and then the tree, looping around every nail a time or two so the thread wouldn’t come off and mess up the design. Once that was done, we began weaving the thread randomly from edge to tree back and forth, making sure to wrap around each nail again (and multiple times if it felt/looked right). You can do as much or as little threading as you want. Looking back I wish I’d done more because some of the others who did a lot looked way better than mine!


When it was all threaded, mine looked like this:

I did my boarder last instead of first and decided to go with blue to bring some color and match the decor in my house.

We had the option to use a burner that would burn whatever we wanted into the wood. A couple of the girls tried it and it didn’t give the look they were going for. Kirsty decided to paint hers after the burning didn’t show the design inside her tree.

KV paint



Our party was supposed to be over at 2:30 but some of us ended up staying until around 4:15 to finish up our projects. We were really pleased with how they turned out!

I ended up also nailing and threading the L in the middle of mine which I LOVE, Courtnie put string to hang pictures in the middle of hers, and Kirsty put the ohm symbol inside of hers.
Our beautiful Bridey with her gifts! ❤

It was such a fun day and we were all thinking of all the possibilities for future string art projects. I already have some in mind for the boys’ rooms and hope to get another project started soon.

We’re now just 32 days away from the BIG DAY and I couldn’t possibly be more excited for MC and Trey to begin their lives together as husband and wife. I’m excited and honored to be able to stand beside her as she marries the man of her dreams and vows to spend the rest of her life loving and cherishing him. I am so blessed to have her in my life (you know the friend who texts you just to say, “Hope you have a great day!” randomly? That’s her! She always, always makes me smile.) and anyone who knows her would say the same thing. Trey is a lucky guy!

**If anyone is looking for a place to have a party like ours, I’d highly recommend Paper Moon! They offer classes for adults, private parties and children’s art classes (starting from age 6 months and up!) for a small fee. I can’t wait to take Beckett to the Wee Craft! If you’re a mom looking for an indoor place for your little one to play, they have a really neat little play area where they offer Creative Free Play ($5 for kiddos, free for adults and non-mobile infants). I’m already looking forward to going back! As a bonus, we were told that a bakery is going in on the lower level and their hoping to be able to work out a deal where they can work together for parties. 


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