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25 Weeks with Baby #2

I’m back with another baby update this week. I don’t feel like much has changed since m last update 5 weeks ago but I’m already enjoying comparing my answers so I’m glad I decided to do this.
How Far Along? 25 weeks
Size of Baby: About 1.32 lbs
Weight Gain: So I went back and checked on this to see what I weighed at my appointment prior to getting pregnant and I’m up 2 lbs from that. I was holding steady around 138 but I’d lost around 3 lbs (weighed the least in January) and have gained those back quickly over the last month or so. I’m sure I’ll start seeing the numbers go up quite a bit in these last 3 months.
Maternity Clothes: All the time! Looking forward to the warm weather sticking around so I can start pulling out dresses that I can wear before and after baby.
Stretch marks: Still none!
Symptoms: Still a fairly weak appetite but nothing major.
Cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary.
Gender: BOY! 
Nursery: We ordered furniture and it should arrive around the beginning of April. Other than that we still haven’t done/decided on anything.
Movement: I’m pretty sure I feel most of his movements at this point because I feel him all the time. It seems that around 4 pm and 9 pm he’s most active.
Sleep: Still about the same. I was sick for about 3 weeks and had a few really rough nights where I couldn’t sleep at all. Beckett’s been sick for the last month (literally) and hasn’t been sleeping good so we’re all feeling the effects of that.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  The thought of meat and some smells.
Best Moment This Week: When the baby starts moving when we’re in bed and Joey puts his had on my belly to feel him, sometimes Beckett with do it too and just look at me and grin.
Looking Forward To: Getting the Glucose screen over with this month (week 28) and then starting bi-weekly appointments (so crazy to think we’ve already reached that point!).
  • We still don’t have a name nailed down. I had the idea to give one of the names a test run (refer to him as this name instead of “Baby #2” all the time) hoping it would stick and we could make it official (well, as official as possible until there’s a signed birth certificate, HA!) but that’s not going so well. Maybe we’ll have to give the other names a test run too?
  • The crib sheet that I mentioned we’d bought (first item for the baby) came in from Pottery Barn and we hated it so it was returned immediately. I was able to find some Aden + Anais muslin sheets, swaddles and changing pad cover that I really love so I’ll probably order at least the sheet myself so I can color match other items/paint for the room to it.
  • I’ve been compiling a registry on Amazon. We didn’t think we needed much but after really taking time to think about it, we actually do need a few new things. We feel like we’re pretty set on clothes since Beckett was born in April and had lots of summer clothes but we really need to go through and see what all we have in newborn sizes.
  • We still haven’t decided on what room the baby is going to be in. I’m kind of pushing to keep Beckett in his room for now (one of the original thoughts was to move him and give him more of a toddler room) because it’s one less thing we have to do before the baby comes. I LOVE his room (the color, the detail, the decor) but I’d like to switch up the placement of furniture or something to freshen it up. We’re very limited because of the size of the space and the placement of the closet and window though. Since we’re thinking of getting a nicer/larger glider this time around, I think having a slightly larger room for the new baby will be beneficial and will help take up some of the unoccupied space in the room. It also give us a blank canvas and allows B to stay in a familiar setting. We don’t want to disrupt his comforts when it’s not completely necessary but if we do away with the play room (not necessary now since we sold our guest bed and have another open room) then he’ll need more space for storing his toys.
  • Even though we have no clue what we’re doing for the nursery, I am SO excited for the furniture to come in! I’m certain that we would have ordered it for Beckett had we seen it at BuyBuy Baby when we got his furniture. I love, love, love it!


For fun here is week 20 vs week 25 (with my cute little side kick)!




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