Baby #2

Three Things

I’m doing a really terrible job at documenting anything worthy of putting on the internet lately. I blame it on pregnancy + the cold weather keeping us cooped up in the house all the time. These are some totally random things that are just swirling in my head at the moment.

  1. Choosing a name for this baby is driving me INSANE! You pick out future baby names with your high school sweetheart (who, if you’re like me, turns out to be your hubby) that you just know you’ll use on your future babies and then when the time comes to USE those names, no. My friends can attest to the fact that I’m struggling because I will randomly send them texts declaring my insanity, usually accompanied by, “what do you think about this name?” Or my favorite, “JUST NAME HIM FOR ME!!” I don’t really care what other people think of the name we choose but their input counts as something or I wouldn’t constantly bug them about it. HA!
  2. We do have the list narrowed down to 2, maybe 3 names. One is the cute name we had picked out for a boy when we were in high school that sounds super cute with Beckett (it’s another B name) but something is telling me no. We didn’t use it with Beckett so why default to it this time? Another one is a name we both love but I HATE it with our last name (it starts with L) and it really peeves me when Joey refers to him by this name so that’s a problem (that I need to get over because we love the name). The last one sort of came about as a joke between us and one of my besties, Jordan, who is also having a boy (NEXT MONTH!!!!) which has stuck with me and I love it but Joey’s all aboard the LL train and I can’t get him to jump ship. So here we are, still quite a few weeks away (16-ish, ok.. not that far away) from meeting this boy and we can’t decide on a name. I don’t think I can wait to name him until he’s born and I see him because, what if he looks exactly like Beckett? I can’t name him Beckett. See.. insanity. #sendhelp
  3. On another note, we did order a crib sheet for the baby!! I laugh as I type that because it’s so insignificant to you but it’s monumental to us. It’s inevitable that he’s going to have all of Beckett’s hand-me-down clothes and toys but that crib sheet is the first thing that we’ve bought new, just for him. Shameful, I know.

If you stuck through that, thank you and I’m sorry. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. I feel your pain! We’re trying to narrow down to one girl name and one boy name as we don’t know the gender and we only have 6 weeks left. It’s such a big responsibility to name someone and both love it! Well done on ordering the crib sheet, it’s not insignificant, if your job list is anywhere near as long as ours it’s a moment to be celebrated and tick something off the ever-growing list!


    1. So true! It’s a lot of pressure to name a child but it definitely wasn’t this hard the first time around. Good luck narrowing down your names and enjoy these last few weeks (I know it’s hard to really “enjoy” them as uncomfortable as they may be) before your little one arrives. Really all that’s important is that there are clothes to wear and food to eat.. the rest are just little details that we as parents get wrapped up in feeling like we have to have.

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