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Beckett – 21 Months

My sweet baby is 21 months old! Joey and I were just talking the other night about how we can’t believe that he will be 2 in just 3 months. It’s crazy to think he’s been in our lives for that long but I can’t even think about what life was like before him. He just makes every day so much sweeter. He’s learning SO MUCH every single day and he is a copy cat so we have to be careful of the things we do when he’s watching because there is a good chance that he’ll try it too. Since I’m apparently really bad at this monthly updates things, I’ll probably hold off on doing another until he’s 2 in April.


His 18 month well visit wasn’t scheduled until last week when he was right at 21 months old but we were able to get his height and weight officially for the first time in MONTHS.

  • 32 inches tall (we think he’s actually a little taller because he HATES being laid down on the table at the office to be measured so he was squirming and we don’t really think it’s accurate)
  • 31.15 lbs


  • jumping. I was sitting on the edge of the fireplace the other morning and he came running in and sat beside me then all of a sudden jumps up and just starts jumping around the room. I’m thinking a little trampoline is in store for his birthday.
  • dogs. We can always distract him by showing him a dog. He LOVES our Wrigley and usually calls every dog “Ribby” (how he currently says Wrigley) or “Wrigs” and squeals when he sees a dog.
  • Uncle T. I swear my brother is Beckett’s FAVORITE person in the world. He adores Tanner like none other. Any time my mom comes over without Tanner, Beckett will look outside saying “Anner” because he always thinks that with Nene comes Uncle T. If he is with her, he’ll run right past her and straight to Tanner. He just lights up when he is around.
  • wearing a hat. He has a real obsession with hats right now and there are times when he won’t allow us to take his toboggan off (mostly in the mornings when I drop him at daycare) like the time he wouldn’t take it off at daycare and he napped in it. #pickyourbattles
  • chocolate milk. I’m not for giving him sweet things often but a little chocolate milk (and a lot of water) makes him really happy.
  • Goldie & Bear (or as he says, BEHHH)
  • Paw Patrol (I’m O-V-E-R Mickey Mouse so I was desperate to find new shows for him and since he loves dogs, this one fit the bill and he loves it)
  • his tent. He has a tee pee and a Mickey Mouse tent. He drags the tent around EVERYWHERE but if we’re in the playroom he like to drag his rocking elephant and other favorite toys in the tee pee to play.
  • bubbles.
  • washing his hands.
  • cleaning his ears. So weird but he’s always insisting that we clean his ears. I guess I should just be thankful that he doesn’t hate this.
  • brushing his teeth.
  • giving kisses.
  • hugs.
  • snuggling.
  • other kids. We got to see him interact with his class at his Christmas party and it was precious. He also loves playing with one of my best friend’s little girl. He’s really protective over her.
  • playing guitar or drums.
  • dancing. The boy has moves!
  • his play kitchen.
  • singing.
  • helping clean.
  • sitting at the table like a big boy.
  • when someone sits in the backseat with him. If Joey is driving, B will point to the seat next to him and say, “Momma back”. He always holds my hand when I sit in  the back with him.


  • not getting milk before bed.
  • weird looking food (especially meat.. he’s still not really a big fan of meat).
  • diapers.
  • wearing clothes.
  • sitting in a highchair, at home or in public. He prefers sitting in a real chair like everyone else.


  • When he wants to get our attention he’ll yell “DA! DA! DAAAAAA! DADDYYYY!”, MA! MA! MAAAAAA! MOMMAAAA!”, or our very favorite “DA MA! DA MA!”.
  • He just started calling Joey daddy and it’s SO sweet! We’ve tried to get him to say mommy but he just says momma and I’m totally OK with that.
  • If you tell him to warm up by the fire he will stick his hands out towards it and hold them there for a minute and then rub them together and stick them back out. So cute.
  • When the fire is on, he’ll walk by it leaning away from it and say “ha ha” (hot hot).
  • We thought he was ready to potty train so we got him a potty and he really just wants to play with it. He does sit and try to use it but he hasn’t actually used it yet.
  • He played in the snow for the first time last week and loved it. I wish we could have let him be out in it more but we don’t have proper snow gear for him so we only had two very short periods where we let him play.
  • We’re still working on him sleeping all night in his crib every night. He’ll do it a few nights a week but usually he ends up in our bed at some point.
  • We’re probably going to move him to a new bedroom in the next few months as we turn his current room into a nursery for the new baby #holdme #Ilovehisroom (only because his room is the smallest) and get the toddler bed conversion kit for his crib (it’s a 4-in-1 style so it will eventually convert to a full size for him too). I can envision him getting out of bed and playing with his toys instead of sleeping.. we’ll see how that goes when we get there. ha
  • He likes to rub my belly and says “Bebe”.
  • I’ve been working on counting and holding up the proper fingers with him. So far we have 1 and 2 down but we’re working on 3.
  • He says all kinds of new words all the time. He surprises us a lot with what he says. He’ll at least try to repeat you if you ask him to say something most of the time.
  • When he is looking for something and finds it he will say, “Oh!” and it might be one of my favorite things. It’s just so unexpected and cute to just hear him randomly say, “Oh!” and then go on about his business.
  • He started saying no recently. For months it’s just been a head shake and a look but now he actually says no too.
  • At daycare in the baby class they taught him how to sign for more. It took us a while to realize what he was doing (I’m pretty sure they should have told us they were working on this with him so we could do it as well) but when we did, we started using it with him and still do to this day. He’s also learned help and we taught him drink because he always says bite when he wants a drink.
  • He will say please (“PEEEEE”) and thanks to Joey asking him if he was hungry (to which he rubs his belly) and asking him to say please to go get something, he now rubs his belly and says “PEEEEE” anytime we ask him to say please, for any reason.



  • B and R
    It’s a miracle I got these two to stand still for a picture!


    cooling food
    This is how he cools his food. 🙂
    Love his Momma!
    elephant in teepee
    Rocking in the tee pee
    holding hands
    Holding hands in bed
    kissing daddy
    Kisses for Daddy
    He likes to play behind the kitchen.
    silly face
    I asked for a picture and this is the face he made. Silly bear.
    sitting at table
    He climbed up to the table and sat across from me like a big kid.
    Loving the snow
    watching bear
    Set the phone up against the picture frame to watch “Behh” (aka Goldie and Bear)

    with t
    Having lots of fun with Uncle T



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