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Baby #2 – Sharing the news

After trying for baby #2 for several months, we were thrilled to find out in October that we’d be welcoming a new baby in 2016! Since we knew exactly how far along I was this time (we had no clue with Beckett, I was about 7 weeks along and had no clue until my doctor had me take a test at his office before prescribing me fertility drugs) we knew we’d wait a few weeks before we shared the news.

We decided that since I’d be 11 weeks on Thanksgiving we’d share the news with our families at our dinners. We had the first one on Wednesday evening and it was such a relief to finally start sharing the news. After dinner we went over to my mom’s house to share the news with them since our dinner with them wouldn’t be until the next evening. I’d made a cute craft with Beckett to make it a little more special for them.

The boxes lifted up and under them it said (1) I’m going… (2) to be… (3) a BIG BROTHER. I did 3 presents as if there was one for my mom, my brother and my stepdad to “open” under the Christmas tree. I also wrote Merry Christmas Love, Beckett at the top. It was a really cute finished product.

We tossed around the idea of finding out the gender before the new year with an elective ultrasound (my dr won’t do the gender scan until 20 weeks and why wait when you don’t have to?) and finally decided to go for it. We had friends in from MS and we wanted to be able to have them present so they extended their stay  a day and we literally threw the party together in less than 24 hours. We knew we wanted to keep it small this time (we probably had 40+ people over the first time I was pregnant) so we could really enjoy the moment. I sent a text to my closest girlfriends and basically told them to come over the next night but not to ask questions (they caught on right away). We text our parents and just played it off like they were just coming over to see Beckett’s new toys from Christmas.

This was our entry as decorated by my sweet friend Amanda. It was the first thing seen as guests walked in the door.


Some pics of baby at 12 weeks (no gender revealing pictures here).

We didn’t want to find out the gender until the party but we didn’t want anyone at the party to know either (and since only a few of them actually knew what was going on) so we had to come up with something quick that would still be a surprise. I didn’t want to do a cake with a colored filling or balloons in a box because let’s be honest, that’s way over done and I prefer to be a little more creative. I saw pink and blue flower arrangements at the grocery store and thought it would be cool if we got our florist to create an arrangement for us that was either pink or blue depending on what the sex was. We had the ultrasound tech write the gender down and place it in an envelope along with some gender revealing pictures that I gave to my florist. She was so excited when I brought the idea to her and I was thrilled that we had something a little more unique for our reveal.

The florist put the arrangement in a large box so we couldn’t see anything until it was time for the reveal. The only friend who knew how we were revealing was awesome in helping me move the arrangement from the large, ugly box it was in to being covered by a cute box she wrapped and decorated for the party. This was tricky to get the arrangement out and moved without seeing it but I trusted her to do it without peeking and we managed to pull it off.

This was the day after the party and the box was a litle messed up from B playing with it but it was still cute and simple


We kept it simple by having pizza, doughnuts, chips and glass bottled beverages. It was perfect.

We did the reveal after everyone had time to socialize, eat and speculate about how we’d be sharing the news. A lot of them couldn’t believe that we didn’t know already what we were having. It was so fun finding out with everyone else!


Amanda and I with the box she decorated covering the flowers. I am so thankful that she and Michael stayed in order to be with us for the party. Also, my belly is not as noticable as it is in this picture. I don’t know if it’s the shirt or what but I can hardly even tell I’m pregnant. I was definitely showing more with Beckett at this point in my pregnancy.

I tried to add the video below but it wouldn’t work. You should know that we were expecting a pink or blue arrangement (it ended up that it was blue, purple, yellow and white with a blue bow and photos that clearly said it’s a boy). From my view it was white and yellow when we removed the box which caused some (ok, a lot) of confusion among everyone. A lot of people thought it was twins because of the different colors. It was a really funny moment. I was convinced it was a girl so I was in shock. Absolute shock. I fully expected to see pink flowers under that box but I was really hoping for another boy so I’m thrilled!!

Beckett cracks me up with his hand down his pants. I couldn’t believe no one told us he was doing that but I guess all eyes were on the flowers.

We’re so excited for Beckett to become a big brother in June. I know he’s going to be great with the baby and I think it’s going to be so special for him to grow up having a little brother. We can’t decide on a name yet, though I know we have plenty of time for that. The name we thought we’d use just isn’t doing it for us anymore so we’ll see what we are able to come up with. Beckett Cruz is my favorite name ever so it’s hard to compete with when choosing another boy name for our family.

So excited to be adding another boy to our family!!


It’s sort of tradition for us to do a picture like this at my gender reveals. We have a similar one from the first time. I couldn’t do life without these two. I love them so much!!

The sweetest friends! So blessed to have them.

The best we could get. So crazy to think that in a few months we will have two more boys to wrangle! Poor Reagan or lucky Reagan? I can’t decide. One thing is for sure, I love being pregnant and experiencing motherhood with Jordan!



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