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Beckett – 19 Months

I didn’t do an 18 month update so I figured I’d mix the last two months together. I can’t believe that he’s already over a year and a half old! In so many ways I feel like he’s been here for much longer but in other ways I feel like he should still be a tiny baby.

  • He says new words all the time and it’s super cute! It’s so fun to see him developing his vocabulary.
  • He loves to hide under a blanket and he’ll say “Betit” (Beckett) so we’ll start looking for him. So cute! (11/18/15 first time he said his name)
  • Back at the end of September I started working on getting him to sleep in his crib because he’s just getting too big for us to all comfortably sleep in our bed. He has done surprisingly well! We typically let him fall asleep in our bed and then put him in his bed and turn on the music on his monitor. There are a lot of nights that he will wake up in the middle of the night and will end up back in our bed but there are plenty of mornings when I have to wake him up to get him ready for daycare. The transition, much like breaking him from nursing at night, has gone way better than I ever expected. He’s a champ!


  • He’s still obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and will do the cutest dances to the Hot Dog song. Seeing him dance is one of my favorite things!
  • Any time football is on TV he makes sure we know (he calls is “bu-ball”). I swear he has a small understanding of it because anytime they are running with the ball he will scream and will squeal when someone gets tackled. Even if he just catches a glimpse of a football field on a show he’ll yell bu-ball! I think he’s going to be our football star!


  • When he really wants something he will come grab your hands and pull you to the room where it is and point to exactly where the item is. He knows what he wants.
  • He loves to color! I recently bought him a coloring book and some crayons and markers. When we’re needing to get something done without him at our feet or tearing the house down, we can put him in the highchair with the coloring book and a crayon and he’s pretty content.
  • He likes to walk in and out of daycare now (holding my hand of course). Some mornings he’ll wiggle out of my arms and will walk along the sidewalk holding my hand all the way to his classroom. In the afternoons, he will grab my hand and we’ll walk out to the car together. This one breaks my heart! Sometimes it is nice to have him walk but at the same time, I want to hold him and carry him as long as possible! I know I won’t be able to carry him forever. 😦
  • He like to play ring around the rosy and if you don’t fall all the way down, he’ll push you.
  • He took his first shower in Joey’s shower and LOVED it!


  • He loves to race. He will put his back up against the wall and pat the wall next to him so someone will stand beside him. When you say ready, set, go he will take off.
  • If he wakes up before it’s time to get ready for school, he’ll bring me the remote to turn on cartoons. Then he’ll lay in our bed with the covers pulled over him until I’m finished getting ready.

Toons in Bed

  • He loves to snack all the time. He’s just like his dad. I’m not sure how I’m going to feed him when he’s older.
  • He gives the BEST kisses! He used to give slobbery open mouth kisses (which were still so sweet) but now he gives real kisses with the sound and all. It’s the sweetest ever. I could kiss him all day every day!
  • He’s in 18-24 month clothes, however we’ve started buying some 2T things because everything always seems to shrink up really bad after a wash or two.
  • He’s shown some interest in the potty so periodically we’ll ask him if he wants to use the potty and he’ll let us know that he does. He hasn’t actually used it yet but we think he’s really close. He hates wearing a diaper and is always trying to take them off so we have to try to keep a onesie and pants on him at all times.
  • A lot of times when he’s looking for Joey he’ll look at me with his hands turned up by his shoulders and say, “Mama?” Since I know he knows Joey is dada, I think he does this as if he’s saying, “Where is he, Mama?”
  • He is really silly and we are constantly laughing at him.
  • Most of the time when we’re out in public he doesn’t want to be in a stroller, buggy (unless it’s one of the car ones) or highchair if we’re in a restaurant. Usually if we don’t let him walk around the store sit in the booth next to us he’s a bit of a terror. A fine example: after the picture below was taken we tried to get him away from the baby tubs that he obviously thought were chairs (had to test every one of them out) and he laid in the floor and cried. haha

Sitting in tub at store

  • He loves his toboggan and will not let me take it off in the mornings when we get in his classroom. One day Joey picked him up a little earlier than usual and the teachers said he’d had it on all day long, even during nap. If he sees it while we are home he has to wear it too. I’m thankful he doesn’t hate hats because they are so darn cute on him!


I’m really excited for the short week ahead! I’m taking off on Wednesday then Thursday and Friday my office is closed for the holiday so I can’t wait to spend 5 days with my little man! Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!!!


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