Beckett · Family

Fall Family Pictures

Back in October we had family pictures taken with Photography by Nikita. We started using her when I was pregnant with Beckett and she’s just so good with kids, especially the kind that want to run around and throw pumpkins during a photo shoot (a.k.a Beckett Cruz). 🙂 She somehow managed to get pictures that didn’t show us bribing Beckett with the pumpkins, him throwing them at her every chance he could get, or him throwing a fit because we took the wagon away that he insisted on pulling the entire time!


The drool.. there is no escaping it!


I love how he’s holding my hand above. ❤

PBN_7705 PBN_7699 PBN_7648PBN_7687PBN_7657 PBN_7621

Sort of obsessed with this one of Beckett and Joey!


He was not having me holding him! He was trying to jump out of my arms. HA!


So happy as long as he was pulling that wagon!


Telling us about the fish in the water


The hair! It was a little windy and his hair was blowing all over.



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