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Halloween 2015 – A First

This was Beckett’s first time participating in Halloween. I personally think it’s just a dumb “holiday” so I didn’t dress him up or anything last year. Honestly, if my mom hadn’t offered a costume that was my brothers (14ish years ago) then he wouldn’t have dressed up again. There was no trick-or-treating because, come on, he’s only 18 months and has no business going door to door getting candy from strangers. Maybe my take on Halloween will change as he gets older, who knows? What I do know is that he was a super cute little lion and he loved handing out candy to trick-or-treaters!

One of my girlfriends told me about a local event that was supposed to be fun for kids with some different things to do such as games and face painting. We got there late and kind of missed out on the events so we let the kids play on the playground and then went to lunch. Beckett was content swinging and we thought he was going to fall asleep at any second.


After lunch, we took him by my mom’s house so he could get some special treats from them to fill his bucket up. He loved carrying that bucket around! I was actually shocked at how well he did with the costume and the bucket.


Later in the evening we took him over to my cousin’s house to show off his costume and hang out for a bit.

20151031_182348Her neighborhood gets hit with trick-or-treaters so we sat on the porch handing out candy while the guys did their own thing inside.


Beckett LOVED handing out candy to the kids. He would drop it down in their bags and then run back to the bowl for more for the next kids. One little girl wouldn’t come to the porch and without hesitation, he took candy over and dropped it in the bucket her mom was holding. It really was the cutest thing ever! I’m thankful that he loved the giving part and didn’t seem to care much about receiving the candy himself. He didn’t even ask for any of it as it was being handed out.



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