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Photo Dump

Since the point of this blog is to recount (more detailed and not in my Chatbooks) memories, I have several photos I need to get off of my phone.

I just love the way he’s posed and the expression on his face here. I imagine he’s thinking, “Alright Momma, I’ll sit here long enough for you to take one picture because I know I look cute.” 🙂B in chairThis boy loves a bath! I sometimes have to put him in my bathtub in order to keep him occupied while I get ready. On this night, he was really anxious to get into his tub and start playing. He’s so close to being able to climb right on in, which really scares me!Bathtime

He was playing around and we heard him giggle and looked over and saw this. He was standing on top of his little elephant’s head that he rides on. He was so proud of himself for this accomplishment. behind couch

My brother gets the best pictures of him! He had just gotten out of the bath and my mom was getting him dressed and he was cheesin’ it up for Uncle T.Changing

I was cleaning out closets in the playroom and spare bedroom and came across Joey’s high school football jersey. I couldn’t not put it on Beckett! He was totally loving it.Daddys jersey

Often when we’re in Joey’s car, Beckett will say Momma and reach for me when I turn around. I offered him my hand and he grabbed hold. I hope he always wants to hold my hand! 🙂Holding hands

He loves to climb up on the love seat and look out the window. If he sees something he’ll point and turn around and try to tell us what it is. So sweet.Looking over couch

We spend most Sunday’s watching football (my step dad and his family are Cleveland fans, which explains the Browns hat on B) and playing hard. He couldn’t hang on this day and crashed on Momma. I love these moments.Napping

We generally let him fall asleep in our bed before moving him to his crib at night. Last night after bath, Joey put him on our bed and he pulled the covers up and laid down on Joey’s pillow. We were cracking up! Of course when we laid down, he was ready to play again.Ready for bed

We bought a little rocking chair off of a neighbor for Beckett to have on the front porch so he can rock along side us. He loves our big rockers and his indoor rocking chair so we knew we needed a small one for him outside. We need to paint it but that will probably wait until the spring. He was enjoying a Popsicle I made from fruit juice for him.. the last of the year.Rocking chair

Joey’s mom bought Beckett this Scooby Doo stuffed toy and he wouldn’t put it down for a couple of days. This is the day he got it. He’s never been attached to anything (no blankets, pacis, stuffed animals, lovies, etc) so I kind of figured Scooby would fizzle out, and he has.ScoobyI love dressing this little guy. When I saw this flannel shirt, I absolutely couldn’t pass it up. He’s cute and he knows it!Sitting on Fireplace

I finally got a picture of him with his broom! Though most of the time he’s busy taking his broom right through the middle of our dirt piles, he’s still a pretty good helper.Sweeping

This was just too cute. He crawled up to the the end of the bed to watch toons.Watching TV

We had our fall family pictures done over the weekend and I can’t wait to see them. Beckett was quite the hand full this time so we’ll see how they turned out. We went up on the dam afterwards and mom snapped a few phone pictures because the mountains and water were just too pretty!

We went to my brother’s football game and Beckett was all bundled up and having the best time with some of the boys (all much older than him but they give him so much attention and he eats it up). It was way to cold for us so we’re officially calling it quits on high school football season for the year, unless the temps rise again which I’m fairly certain is just wishful thinking.
at football

I wish I could keep a camera on him all the time! I want to bottle up every ounce of his sweetness and keep it forever.


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