Eight Years

Today marks 8 years that Joey and I have been together. I spent some time searching through old MySpace photos to gather up some pictures from our senior year (when we started dating). Then I realized just how much has happened to us over those years and thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane.

Joey wrote me this note in 4th grade. FOURTH GRADE!! And I kept it for some weird reason and we displayed it on our sweetheart table at our wedding.
Note from JoeyRandom high school pictures, from pep rally days (2007), a banquet, and our senior trip to ATL..
Sr Year Collage

In 2008 we graduated (May).
HS graduationIn 2010 we got engaged (December 23).
EngagedEngagement picture from 2011.

In 2012 we moved into our first place (February)..
graduated from King College (May 5)..
389701_3793816294946_41663218_ngot married (May 20)..
470309_4019075446284_388987776_owent on our first trip out of the country (Cancun)..
Cancunand celebrated our first Christmas as husband and wife!
first ChristmasIn 2013 we built our first home (moved in April 24)..
Housebrought home our sweet pup, Wrigley (May)..

celebrated our 1 year anniversary in Punta Cana (July)..
punta cana 2

and found out we were expecting (August 29)!!
photo (26)

We let everyone in on our secret in October!!

In 2014 we welcomed the sweetest baby boy into our lives (April 23)!
10425856_10204073101578831_529704688727727356_nIn 2015 we celebrated Beckett’s first birthday.

We’ve had plenty of good memories but we’ve also experienced some not-so-good times as well. We’ve learned a lot together and grown a lot together. I know we have plenty more learning and growing to do as we continue to expand our family over the next few years. We make a great team and I’m so blessed to have someone who loves me unconditionally.

Happy 8 year dateaversary, Joey! I love you!!


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