Beckett's Monthly Updates

Beckett – 17 Months

One thing I wish I’d done for myself is keep detailed monthly updates of Beckett. His baby book is virtually empty and I feel terrible admitting that I don’t have important milestones recorded. I’m pretty sure there is no excuse not to record everything for the first child. Thankfully I did at least take a picture each month for the first year, sometimes with a few highlights from the month to post on Instagram so I have those printed in my Chatbooks which makes me feel slightly better.

Since I have this blog now and the point is really for me to document our lives so we have a place to look back on the memories, I think I will start keeping track of the month-to-month here. I haven’t done any sort of update since he turned 1 in April and though he had already been walking for a couple of months by then and saying a few words, I know there have been other milestones he’s reached in the last 5 months.

  • Had his first real haircut at the barber shop and H.A.T.E.D it! He was in desperate need of more than just a trim, especially in the back where his hair would knot up. I’m so glad we went through with it even when The Hotdog Song, Uncle T, and pictures of animals didn’t keep him from screaming. (16 months)
  • Rode the 4-wheeler with Nene and Grumps for the first time. He loves anything that he can sit on and ride and when Tanner got the 4-wheeler out this past weekend, Beckett was all about sitting on it. He had his little tongue sticking out the whole time. He loved it! (16 months)
  • Can identify his nose, eyes, ears, mouth, belly, hair, and feet. He’s known nose for a while but the others have come more recently.
  • He will eat pretty much anything. He’s not a real fan of chips but that’s the only thing that comes to mind that I’ve tried giving him (mostly tortilla chips) that he doesn’t really show interest in.
  • He loves to clean. If you give him a wipe, he’ll wipe down anything he sees. Anytime he sees a broom or vacuum he has to have it. 90% of the time when we are at home he either has the broom or the Swiffer in his hand. He also likes to shake water out of his sippy cup just to clean it up with the Swiffer.
  • He switched classes in daycare this month and is loving it. He had been having a hard time with me leaving in the mornings at drop-off before he switched, which was weird because he had been in that class since he started last July. I think the random mix of teachers that were in there on any given day (ZERO consistency and I honestly hated leaving him there when that started happening) just wasn’t working for him the last couple of months. I was afraid that he’d take some time to adjust to the new class but I have to make him leave in the afternoons now. The new class has two vacuums and new toys that are more age appropriate so I think he’s enjoying discovering new things and interacting with kids his own age, not babies.
  • He will try to copy what we do. If Joey hugs me, Beckett has to hug me; if we’re cleaning, he has to be cleaning. The other day we were in the playroom and Joey was laying on the floor with his legs up against the wall and the next thing we know, Beckett is right beside him doing the same thing. When we cover our mouth and cough, he will do the same.
    Copy Cat
  • He is a big fan of football and that makes Daddy super happy. He’s been going to sporting events since he was just days old so it’s only natural that he love sports. He will clap and yell at the games or even if it’s just on TV. He will say “Go Battle!” which is super cute!
  • He will repeat things that we say and will take us by surprise. A couple of weeks ago we were at my stepdad’s parent’s house and they have a dog. Someone said something about the big dog and he, just plain as day said “big dog!”
  • He still loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse the best and the Hotdog Song is almost always a sure fire way to cheer him up.
  • He has a big imagination and loves when Daddy builds an airplane out of blocks so he can fly it around making the noise.
  • He loves to play ball. It doesn’t matter if it’s baseball, football, or basketball. If he has a ball that he can throw, you better watch out! He’s getting really good at throwing the ball so now we’re trying to work on his catching.
    Play Ball
  • He’s fearless. I don’t know if it’s just a boy thing or if it comes with this age but it makes this momma nervous. He loves to climb on anything but especially the baby gates.
  • He loves to “swim” in the bathtub and put his face under the water. I’m not sure where he learned that or why he’s decided to do it over the last few months but he loves it.
  • His “pup” is his best friend. He loves her so much and she just adores him. I wish we could allow them to play more freely without worry of her running through the neighborhood because he loves when she’s out playing.
  • He’s really independent and plays really well by himself. He will just wander off into his playroom and play so contently.
  • He likes to snuggle a lot and I can’t complain about it one bit.
  • He’s fitting nicely into size 18-24 month clothes and size 6 or 7 in shoes.
  • He has at least 14 teeth. They always come in in twos in the same place on either side of his mouth. He’s a pretty easy teether so we typically only know he’s teething when his shirt stays wringing wet.
  • He is SO funny and he’ll do anything to make us laugh. He has the funniest facial expressions.
  • Though he’s sweet, he can be quite sassy too. I think we’re going to have a rough time with his attitude as he approaches 2. Boy can throw some fits! We do our best to just let him get it out of his system by walking away.
  • Nicknames: Cruz and Cruz-missile. I really hate when people have nicknames for their kids, especially when they are super young. I feel like it’s hard enough for them to understand one name but when you call them 15 different things, that has to be really confusing. We stick with what’s familiar to him by mostly just calling him Beckett. After all, that is the name we chose for him. 🙂

I just love love love being his momma! I love the sweet cuddles and sloppy kisses and the silly things he does to make us laugh. I hope he always knows how much I love and adore him.



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