Friday Favorites

Woo hoo for Friday! This week has been rather long and boring so I’m ready for some weekend fun but first I’m sharing my Friday Favorites.

Dreft Blissful In-Wash Scent Booster: 19.5 oz
Anyone with a baby knows how heavenly Dreft is. Now they have the in-wash scent boosters and they are 100% blissful! Joey may have “accidentally” used these on a couple loads of our laundry. 😉 It’s just the best smell! We have also started making our own Fabreeze-like spray by mixing a few of these with water. We use it to spray down furniture and even spritz it on clothes when they need some freshening up. Try these.. even if you don’t have a kid!

I have a new love and his name is Jimmy Fallon. I’ve never really watched late night TV but after cracking up at so many videos of him I decided to start recording his show every night so I can watch it the next day. I think he is genuinely funny and watching his show has just been a good way to unwind in the evenings.

The weather these days is definitely a favorite! The air is crisp and cool in the mornings but by the afternoon it’s warm and pleasant. The evenings are perfection and the sunsets from my front porch are so lovely. I’ve never really thought about my favorite month but if I had to choose one right now, it would probably be September. I just love this time of year. I feel like it brings people together and just feels like a fresh start when fall begins. Who doesn’t love fall?!

Babies are ALWAYS a favorite. I’ve mentioned before that several people I know are having babies and I love it! Even though these two aren’t technically babies anymore 😦 I just love the pictures me and my friend Jordan had done when Beckett was about to turn 1 and Reagan was around 6 months. Now that they are toddlers (sweet girl turned one last weekend!) I’m sure it would be almost impossible to try to get another cute picture like this.

New opportunities. Thankfully after quite the year(!) of uncertainty, stress, and lots of prayer Joey has been given an opportunity that will allow him to be home with us in the evenings again. He hasn’t been able to be home with us in the evenings for a few months now and it’s been hard. He’s only been able to spend time with us 2 days a week (other than those two days he doesn’t see B except for 30 minutes in the mornings and sees me when I take my lunch hour) so it’s been tough. I’m hopeful that he’ll love this new job and it will lead him where he ultimately wants to be in his career.

That wraps up my Friday Favorites for the week. We’re off to another football game this evening and will hopefully get to cross off a Fall Family Fun list item or two tomorrow. Have a great weekend!!


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