Weekend Recap

Another weekend has come and gone way too fast. It didn’t feel like we did much this weekend but when I looked back on it, we actually did do quite a bit.

Friday was the homecoming football game at Battle. Beckett and I missed out on the tailgate this week so when we got there we just hung out where some of the parents were selling merchandise until the game started. Homecoming looks so much different these days. When we were in school, we used to go all out decorating the stadium with signs and streamers and even painted sheets that were placed on top of the visiting team’s locker room. This year = nothing. It’s quite a shame that no one takes the time to do those things anymore. We took so much pride in supporting our team (even though we always lost, ha!). I was disappointed. Battle ended up winning which was great! Congrats to Coach Stone on his first Battle win!

Saturday morning we got ready and just before we left the house Joey decided to turn on our Roomba upstairs so it could clean while we were gone. I was trying to get a picture of Beckett but he wouldn’t stop chasing it long enough for me to get a good picture. He’s a nut! We went to pick up the 2016 Pilot that we had ordered a couple of months ago and spent the day driving it around testing it out and trying to decide if we were going to bite the bullet on trading my Jeep for it. The jury is still out on that one.. We also took B to get his first haircut at the Barber Shop. He was NOT a fan, even with Uncle T showing him pictures of animals and the Hot Dog song (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) playing. He was in major need of the cut and he looks so much bigger now!
B chasing Roomba 20150912_162444 Haircut

And because Joey forgot his sunglasses in his car, he got to match me in my spare pair. Snapchat-4743990951989947294

Sunday was spent watching football and taking very important phone calls in the playroom. That evening we had to go outside to bring our dog in and since it was so cold, I threw a little striped jacket and pants on B. He’s not used to pants and long sleeves yet so he wasn’t really sure what to make of it. He was just really excited to see his pup. 🙂
20150913_190707 20150913_195712

I hope your Monday is off to a great start!


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