Fall Family Fun

Since Beckett is able to enjoy new experiences with us, I thought it would be fun to make a list of things to do as a family this fall. We don’t really have any fall traditions so I’m hoping that as our family grows, we begin incorporating traditions into our seasons and holidays. Some of the things on my list are things that I want to do every fall but we’ve just never got around to it. It’s fun to see the world through toddler eyes and we love seeing his reactions to new things so I think there’s a good chance we’ll be checking off many of the things on the list this year.

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch
  2. Do a corn maze
  3. Carve pumpkins (OK, I hate carving pumpkins but Joey enjoys it so I’ll stick to painting mine)
  4. Have family pictures taken when the leaves are pretty
  5. Take a drive and enjoy the leaves along the Blue Ridge Parkway
  6. Watch an outdoor movie (weather permitting, this will happen this weekend)
  7. See a play at the Barter Theater (this is something Joey and I love to do together)
  8. Make homemade soups (I can’t wait for potato and chicken noodle soups in the crock-pot!)
  9. Host a get together for my girlfriends/their families (Us girls always do Christmas at my house but it’s generally the only time we ALL get together and I want to make an effort to change that. I’m thinking soup and pumpkin flavored everything for a fall party.)
  10. Tailgate at a local football game (Done but I think this will happen a few more times this year. Hoping Joey gets to join us at least once..)

4 thoughts on “Fall Family Fun

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! We always try and do the land of oz in beech mountain. We also love to ride down the creeper trail from whitetop when the leaves are turning! Have a great fall!


    1. Both of those sound fun! We did the Creeper Trail a few years ago when we were still semi-fit and I almost didn’t make it. I can’t imagine doing it now with a little one! ha


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