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Top Three on Thursday

Today I thought I’d share my top 3 baby must haves. I have several friends who are pregnant right now and many of them have asked about things they must have, where to shop (specifically for boys because that can be tricky unless you want the tacky graphic tees that seem to grace the shelves of every boys section), and what to pack in their hospital bag (I’ve already sent the list I made when I was pregnant with Beckett to 3 people this week and they love it). I’ll share more some other time and may eventually share the hospital bag list too because I’ve already had some people tell me I should just share it here.

On to my must have list!

My absolute favorite, favorite, favorite thing that I have is a Solly Baby wrap. I wish I had known about them sooner (I purchased mine when B was 7 weeks old) so I could have enjoyed it from the very beginning. It’s an absolute life saver! Close contact between momma and baby is so important. Baby-wearing gives you the closeness that you both need AND frees up your hands. Any time B was fussy, fighting sleep, or just upset because of teething I could put him in the wrap and he’d go right to sleep. It really is a miracle worker and it doesn’t hurt that it puts baby in the perfect position for all the kisses. I can’t wait to purchase another one for the next kiddo.

I tried out the Moby first and absolutely hated it! it was thick which made it super hot, even just walking around inside, and the material had no give in it and wasn’t stretchy at all. It was just gross in my opinion. The Solly is made of a SUPER soft material which is also extremely breathable and comfortable for momma and baby. I didn’t try any of the more structured carriers because once I found the Solly I had no desire to wear a bulky carrier. I’ve bought the Solly as a gift and recommended several times to friends. The price is a little steep but it’s SO worth it!


I was totally grossed out by the Nosefrida (any honestly still am) but there really isn’t any reason to be! When I first heard how it worked (you put it in your child’s nose and suck the snot out through a tube) I was certain we’d never ever even open the box. Well, when your 3 month old gets sick the second day of being in daycare you pull out all the stops. We opened it up and read how it worked (FYI there is a filter so there is NO snot getting into your mouth) and it’s been wonderful ever since. We have used it countless times because the poor guy just stayed sick all winter and spring. It really works and is 1000x times better than the bulb things people used to always use. Toss the bulb and get a Nosefrida! You won’t regret it.

2-in-1 Adjustable Swaddle: Swaddle arms in or arms out
A good sleep sack/swaddle. I loved the muslin swaddles for all things other than actually swaddling B (he always got his little arms out of them). The hospital where I had him let us use a Halo SleepSack Swaddle the entire time we were there and gave us a brand new one when we went home.  When he was fussy in those early days we would swaddle him in the Halo swaddle and he loved it. I’d definitely recommend at least registering for a good swaddle so you can have a spare. I’ve read wonderful things about the Ollie Swaddle but I was never desperate enough to spend that much to try it out.

These items are tried and true in our house and I’m to thankful we had each of them. These are my go-to’s for baby gifts and what I recommend to people who are looking for something that’s not a typical registry item. Have a great Thursday!!


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