Weekend Recap

Oh, Monday. Why do you have to come so soon?! The good news about this week is that it’s a short-ish week for me. My office is usually closes early the day before a holiday so on Friday I’ll get to head home a little earlier that normal and have a long weekend. Yay!

On Friday night Beckett and I went to the first varsity football game of the season. The result wasn’t good for our team but we enjoyed being out and cheering them on anyway! Anytime the crowd cheered Beckett would wait until everyone was done and then start clapping. By the end of the game he was exhausted and I caught this pic of him relaxing on Popi’s lap. Poor guy looks out of it. We ended up going to eat with my family after the game so we didn’t get home until after midnight. I’m definitely too old for that!
B and Popi Team

We started our Saturday with cinnamon roll waffles on the back patio. I love having breakfast on the patio when the weather is nice on the weekends! Later we did some running around during the day and when we got home that evening, we rocked on the front porch and I watched B and Joey play baseball in the front yard. We also got to meet our newest neighbor who was born last week (Congrats again Calloways! She’s lovely.) which we were all really happy about. We LOVE babies in the Lewis house. 😉
B rocking B playing ball
Sunday was mostly spent at home. We got bored and decided we’d pick up my brother and go do something fun. We didn’t end up doing much but after dinner, Beckett had fun being pushed on the elephant. He was not happy with Tanner riding on it though. haha
B and T 2  B & T
I hope you had a great weekend!


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